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vol. vn, # 1 

The Adventurers' Journal 
January, 1990 


The False Prophet: exclusive Ultima VI preview! 

While interviewing Richard Garriott for 
The Official Book of Ultima (to be pub- 
lished by Compute Books next year), I 
got a chance to peer into Ultima VI at 
ORIGIN'S Austin offices in November. 
Visually it's overwhelming (I saw the 
VGA graphics on an IBM clone, and im- 
mediately decided it's finally time to up- 
grade to VGA). 

To demonstrate the graphic advance- 
ments, Ultima I used 32 graphic tiles for 
terrain, characters and other illustrations, 
and // had 64. Ultima III moved up to 
128, / V went to 5 12 and V featured 
1,024. Instead of just doubling the num- 
ber of tiles this time, Garriott roared all 
the way up to over 4,000. Some use "col- 
or cycling," in which colors change in an 

animated picture, such as flames or lava. 
And every item in the world of Brittania 
is illustrated this time: previously you 
only read the word "torch," but now it 
has its own picture. 

Garriott attributes the new interface to 
the influence of Times of Lore author 
Todd Knight The 26 keyboard com- 
mands are replaced with ten icons that ac- 
commodate me same actions, and you 
can still use keys if you wish. 

Speak My Tongue! 

Spell names appear in English, but will 
be "spoken" as their conventional names, 
such as en flam, by the program when 
you cast them. Mouse support simplifies 
object manipulation, movement and other 

The Third Courier 

Codenamed Moondancer, you are a top 
secret agent about to begin the most im- 
portant mission of your life. Three critical 
components of a CPU that comprises 
NATO's non-nuclear defense plans were 
to have been taken by separate couriers to 
a top-secret conference in Brussels. 

Unfortunately, one 
of the couriers turned 
up dead in Madrid. 
Another was killed in 
London, and the third, 
agent William Martin, 
has vanished. Since 
Martin was last seen 
in Berlin, you begin 
your search here, with 
just seven days to find 
Martin and the miss- 
ing components before 
he sells them to 

This is the setting for Accolade's first 
role-playing game, The Third Courier. In- 
stead of the typical medieval setting, the 
designers set this RPG/graphic adventure 
in present-day Berlin — an interesting 
choice considering the political changes 
still going on there. In the game, you can 

By Bob Guerra 

The Butcher of Berlin (EGA) 

travel around the actual streets of Berlin 
by foot, U-bahn or taxi to visit landmarks 
such as Check Point Charlie, the Bran- 
denburg Gate or Charlottenburg Palace. A 
small map included in the game package 
shows all street names and the city's vari- 
ous districts, but you are left to discover 
several key locations 
on your own. 

Identity Crisis 

Before beginning 
your stealthy explora- 
tion of the city, how- 
ever, you must 
complete an electron- 
ic dossier for your 
agent By clicking on 
the appropriate boxes 
on the first page of the 
dossier, you select 
your agent's sex, where the agent spent 
most of his life, his favorite leisure ac- 
tivities, age group and cover occupation. 
While your sex is limited to male or fe- 
male, most other categories offer several 

Your agent, for instance, may have 
spent most of his life on a farm, in a small 
town, in an urban area or the inner city, or 

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Instead of stepping on a town's icon 
and hitting "E" to enter, then waiting 
while the city map appears, you now 
walk right through the main gate and into 
town: everything is drawn to one scale, as 
in Faery Tale Adventure. Dungeons are 
no longer 3-D and now resemble a hon- 
eycomb of tunnels leading from 
one... well, that's enough on that subject 
for now. And there are no combat arenas, 
for combat occurs on the main map. 

In battle, you can individually control 
each party member, or choose auto- 
combat and just direct one character after 
making strategy settings for everyone. 
For the first time, all party members ap- 
pear on all screens, not just in combat. 

There are no character classes or pro- 
fessions in this game, and even more sur- 
prising, no Ores! Garriott chose to 
eliminate monsters derived from Tolkien 
and other sources, but introduces a new 
race that he expects to use in the future. 

The intra is presented cinematically — 
and looks better than any entire game 
from CinemaWare. A variety of sound 
boards will be supported on the IBM, but 
only one- voice sound was running when I 
was there. Professional writers were 
brought in to cobble up the conversa- 
tions, which flow far more smoothly this 
time around. 

IBM First to Ship 

This is the first Ultima developed on 
the IBM, and Garriott says he scrapped a 
year's worth of work that had already 
been done on the Apple. (But he's got an 
Apple sticker on his IBM clone.) It's also 
the first on which he is doing no actual 
programming — not a single line of code, 
which is being done by Herman Miller, 
Cheryl Chin and John Miles. 

Commencing in Brittania, the story 
soon moves beyond — though /'// never 
tell where, how or why. It's enough to 
say that the plot shows considerably more 
depth than that of Ultima V. (And this 
may be the last game set in Brittania.) 
ORIGIN plans to ship in April, and a spe- 
cial "10 Year Anniversary" edition will 
also be available. 

By Shay Addams 

to the 

New Worlds to Explore 
Jon van Caneghem says Tunnels and 
Trolls, which hit Japan like Fat Boy 
and. . .oh, never mind. . .in April should 
arrive for IBM here by late spring. King's 
Bounty, a novel RPG for Apple e/c 
shipped in December. 

Software Publishers Association 
Picks Best Adventure of 1989 
The SPA chose King's Quest TV as "Best 
Role-playing/Adventure Game of the 
Year." (Which makes us wonder why 
they have one award for two distinct 
types of game.) It's now for IBM, GS, 
Apple e/c and ST; Mac and Amiga ver- 
sions are next. 

A Dragonlance RPG 
SSI's first RPG based on the Dragon- 
lance novels from TSR will be out soon 
(previous Dragonlance titles were action 
adventures). Champions ofKrynn em- 
ploys an enhanced version of the Pool of 
Rod game system, and it now includes 
moons whose phases affect a Mage's 
power, plus gods who grant special abili- 
ties to their Clerics. IBM and C64 ver- 
sions are set for this month, with Amiga 
and Apple e/c later this spring. The IBM 
version will support Ad-Lib, Covoc, Ro- 
land and Tandy sound. We also hear SSI 
is definitely doing the "dragon flight sim- 
ulator" mentioned at CES last winter. 

It Came from the Desert 
No, that's not QuestBusters' new tag 
line — it's the latest CinemaWare graphic 
adventure for the Amiga, a science fiction 
tale of giant ants in the California desert. 
Look for lots of arcade action as well as 
puzzle-solving. Takes one meg, a joy- 
stick, and is hard disk and RAM disk 

Star Flight 2 &EA's 

New Clue Book 

Star Flight 2 docked for the IBM (384K), 

and the Swords of Twilight clue book 

was actually written by one of the game's 

designers, Jon Freeman. 

Broderbund's Latest 
Prince of Persia is supposed to be an ad- 
venture for Apple e/c. But their License 
to Kill, referred to as an adventure in ads 
and press releases, looks more like a 
shoot- 'em-up. 

Died Hard 

Infocom's Die Hard, contrary to pre- 
release press releases, turned out to be an 

arcade game, not an adventure. 

Stuck in King's Quest I-F/? 
In addition to extensive clues and maps 
for the first four games in Sierra's King's 
Quest series, this book also offers a varie- 
ty of "undocumented features." These are 
shortcuts and debugging routines used by 
the programmers wnich were left 
in the program. The ZAP command, for 
example, lets you teleport directly to any 
other location in the game. Since we have 
no plans to publish solutions for the first 
three King's Quests, we're recommending 
this book for those who need help. (It 
also provides an entertaining glimpse into 
the history, design and programming 
of the series.) 

Sierra's Comdex Showing 
Sierra displayed a batch of new tides in 
Vegas in November. The Japanese Sor- 
cerian, encompassing fifteen separate 
RPGs, was set for January shipment, with 
ST, Amiga, GS and Mac soon. Code 
Name: Ice Man, an adventure/submarine 
simulator, should also be out by now for 
IBM, as well as The Colonel's Bequest, 
Roberta Williams' latest. Also look for 
the IBM Conquests of Camelot, based on 
Celtic legends of King Arthur and Gwen- 
hyver (which we've seen spelled differ- 
endy in every adventure game that retells 
this tale). Mac, ST and Amiga versions 
are planned for these three. 

A Biker's Adventure 
Mindscape's new Harley-Davidson: The 
Road to Sturgis is on the road for IBM, 
with Amiga and ST on the way. 

Data Disks for Populous 
The Promised Lands offers five new 
landscapes for expressing your godly 
powers in Populous. It's out for IBM, ST 
and Amiga for $14.95. 


Dragon Wars is in C64 format now. Ami- 
ga and IBM versions of SSI's Dungeon 
Masters Assistant Volume II are out. Cin- 
emaWare's The Kristal shipped for IBM. 
Look for Mac, Amiga and ST cons of 
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier any min- 
ute. The Mac Space Rogue is available; 
Amiga and ST will arrive shortly. Popu- 
lous is now out for IBM, along with the 
data disk described above. Amiga Star 
Flight is out (512K), but the 64 version 
was apparently lost in space and resched- 
uled for spring. A GS Ancient Land of 
Ys is also out, as is a C64 and IBM Death 

Continued on page twelve 

Dear QuestBusters: 

If you expand the number of pages, could 
you add a column about good hobby pro- 
grams like SuperPaint and Music Studio! 
I know QB is a game magazine and don't 
mean you should review everything, but 
a short guide to the best and easiest pro- 
grams would be nice. 
M. Graff 

When we have enough material for four 
extra pages, we'll do a 20-page issue. But 
there are enough general computer maga- 
zines going down the tubes as it is, so 
we'll continue to focus on adventures. 

Dear QuestBusters: 

I just got an IBM clone with a hard disk 
and want to know which adventures can 
be used with hard disks. Could the specs 
box for reviews include information on 
hard disk compatibility on IBM games, 
maybe with the "protection" section? 
Also, please expand the boxed section to 
include which brand names of joysticks, 
mice, sound boards and printers. 
Lee Birch 

The "protection" section clues you in to a 
game's hard disk compatibility: if it uses 
key word or codewheel protection or is 
described as totally unprotected, you can 
install it on a hard disk; if noted as "pro- 
gram," that means you can' t copy it to a 
hard disk or even a floppy. There are way 
too many brands of mice, sticks and 
printers for accurate and timely coverage 
in the specs box, but we do try to list all 
sound boards and have begun noting the 
extent of each program' s VGA abilities. 



^ The Adventurers' Journal 

Editor: ShayAddams 
News Editor: Nuyu 
Contributing Editors: Ken St. Andr6, Tim 
Snider, Stephen King, Brian Smith, Bob 
Guerra, William E. Carte, Charles Don 
Hall, Mike Bagnall, Tracie Forman 
Hines, Steven Payne, Russ Ceccola, Matt 
Hillman, A. Bruce Lotts, Lisa Michaels 

QuestBusters is published monthly by 
Colonel Percy Fawcett. Annual subs, 
$18. Canada, $24, IntT, $32, Intergalac- 
tic, 324 ziirgz. Textual contents Copy- 
right Shay Addams, 1989, All Rights 
Reserved. Copying without express per- 
mission is prohibited and punishable by 
replacing your mother board with a moth- 
er-in-law board. 

Mean Streets: in-flight adventuring 

In what may be the most ambitious ad- 
venture game on the market, you're Tex 
Murphy, a private eye operating out of 
San Francisco around the middle of the 
next century. The story kicks in with a 
beautiful dame stalking into your office 
and asking you to find out who killed her 
father, Professor Carl Linsky, a neuro- 
psychologist. Local police call it suicide, 
but the cops who work the streets of San 
Francisco are either overworked or 
dumber than they look, since this is a 
classic cover-up if ever you saw one. 

Before long you're getting anonymous 
FAXes threatening you to get off the 
case, shotgun-toting goons start showing 
up every place hard evidence might be 
found, gorgeous women practically 
throw themselves at you wherever you 
go, and clues are piling up faster than 
bills at the end of the month. Ah 
yes. . .you've fallen into a Bogart movie, 
with just one small exception — it's set in 
the future. 

Though you take the role of Tex, this 
isn't a role-playing game. Mean Streets 
is a graphic adventure cum flight simula- 
tor. As a graphic adventure, it's absolute- 
ly gorgeous. You'll want to visit Sylvia 
Linsky and Sandra Larsen frequently just 
to watch their flirtatious mannerisms. 

But as a 

flight sim- 
gives F -19 
and the 
other jets 
nothing to 
about. It'll 
get you 
all right, 
and even 
show you 

a few interesting landmarks in very lo- 
res graphics, but you may find yourself 
yawning through yet another trip in your 
Speeder to the next site in your investiga- 
tion. Knowing this, the designers wisely 
built in an auto-pilot. Set the destination, 
then head for the kitchen for a snack and 
resume play when you return. 

As mysteries go, Mean Streets seems 
fairly deep. I've really only begun to 
play, but have already identified as least 
four solid murder suspects and found a 
coded message to unravel, a tape hinting 
at mind control, and evidence of dirty 

Type: Graphic Ad- 
Systems: IBM 
(5 12K required, 12 
MHz 80286 recom- 
mended, mouse sup- 
port; six 5.25" disks, 
three 3.25"), C64 
Planned conver- 
sions: none 
Version re- 
viewed: IBM 

dealing in high places involving major 
corporations, the federal government and 
a new political group called Law and 

The Only Way to Fly 

Tex Murphy practically lives in his 
Speeder, an all-terrain hovercraft with a 
navigational computer, 
visiphone and FAX. 
When inside the Speed- 
er, you see your legs, 
one hand on the gear- 
shift and an instrument 
panel showing altitude, 
bearing and airspeed. 
You can look out any of 
the four windows, but 
there's no combat, and 
most of the time you 
probably won't bother to VGA 

change views. 

It's a fair flight simulator, offering 
sights of San Francisco's great bridges, 
the Transamerica Tower and other land- 
marks^ — if you manage to navigate into 
the right position. You can fly anywhere 
in California, but can only exit the 
Speeder on flashing landing pads that 
lead to a location or situation. 

Then one of four things may occur. 
Usually you see a hi-res graphic of a fa- 
mous sight, such as the Golden Gate 
Bridge. Then a window materializes, 
bearing an animated picture of the per- 
son with whom you're speaking. De- 
pending on what you say, the person 
may be happy, sad, sexy and so on. 
Some such situations are better than 

For a detective, your vocabulary is 
very limited. All you can say is: "Tell 
me about:" and type in a name or one- 
word clue, such as insurance. The person 
then offers some information (you espe- 
cially want names and navigation codes). 
If you get a long response, you'll get a 
new set of options, which includes Bribe 
and Threaten. 

If no one's there, a simple text mes- 

By Ken St. Andre 

Ken is best known for creating the Tun- 
nels and Trolls RPG — now a computer 
game in Japan and soon to be released 
here. He also helped create the Wasteland 
computer game. Ken hopes to influence 
computer game design theory by pointing 
out good and bad examples of the art in 
these QuestBuster reviews, but knows the 
job is hopeless since most programmer/ 
designers iriever read. 

sage may describe the place and any- 
thing you find. When that happens, you 
can just read it and move along, for it's a 
sure clue you've hit a blind alley in the 

Rooms, Rooms, Rooms 

Sometimes you'll find a room that can 
be searched, in 
which case you see 
a hi-res picture and 
your figure. Mov- 
ing to different 
parts of the room 
will activate assort- 
ed menus, where 
you may find more 
objects to examine 
or take. 

For example, 
version there's a bar in Carl 

Linsky' s room. Look 
at it and you'll see a cabinet door. Open 
it and you find a shoebox, which reveals 
a letter when opened. And so on. . .down 
to a coded message. Search thoroughly 
and you'll get lots of clues and maybe 
more money. Get careless, and you may 
wind up in jail — which can be the end of 
the game. 

The fourth possibility is that you'll 
find yourself facing an endless supply of 
gun-wielding goons in a stupid arcade 

Continued on page five 


Ultima Vl'Breview 1 

Third Courier. 1 

*HQiights of Legend. 4 

Savage 5 

(Psychic 'War. 6 

Leisure Suit Larry HI... 7 

'Dragons of flame 8 

Swords ofTxviiight 9 

'Waikihru: Qold1(ush...l0 

%am6o III. 12 

Mines of Titan 13 

The Last Crusade 14 

'Keys to the Kingdoms. ..16 

Stoop Shop 19 

'Waiting for Duffy 20 

Best Quest of the Month 

Knights of Legend 

Set in the medieval realm of Ashtalarea, 
Todd Mitchell Porter's Knights of Leg- 
end is unique in its expandability. By se- 
lecting install new regions from the main 
menu, you'll eventually be able to ad- 
vance the adventure beyond Ashtalarea to 
Salynn, Bamidor, Tsadith, Astrikan and 
other realms. Until these new modules are 
released starting this spring, you'll find 
there's plenty to do right here in 

Like many recent RPGs, it consists of 
numerous mini-quests — twenty-four to be 
exact — rather than one large goal. Upon 
completing each quest, you are awarded a 
medal. Though the first twenty-three can 
be tackled in any order, they all culminate 
in one ultimate quest — to rescue the great 
knight Segallion from the clutches of the 
Dark Lord, Pildar. 

Pre-Quest Activities 

The Apple and C64 versions come on 
four double-sided disks that can, and 
should, be copied with your favorite utili- 
ty copier before beginning. You are then 
required to make a character disk and 
create some characters. Depending on 
your copier, this whole process could take 
around an hour or more on a 64, with 
much of that time spent just listening to 
your old 1541 drive whirring. [The Apple 
version supports two drives, and IBM and 
Amiga will likely support hard disks.] 


Type: Modular 
Fantasy RPG 
Systems: C64, Apple 
(64K; Apple mouse 

Planned conver- 
sions: IBM, Amiga 
Version reviewed: 

time to 
read the 
of Leg- 
Player's Handbook, a nicely organized 
and well-illustrated 142-page manual that 
contains complete instructions for playing 
the game, tables of average character trait 
scores for all class/sex/race combinations, 
statistics on weapons and armor, explana- 
tions of the combat and magic systems, a 
history of the Realm of Ashtalarea, de- 
tailed descriptions of close to three dozen 
races of Humans, Dwarves, Kelden and 
Elves and a description of the basic struc- 
ture of the Elven language as used "in the 
performance of magical rites and 

Apple version 


It even has a five-page index, some- 
thing many RPG manuals could use. To 
top things off, you also get a color fold- 
out map of the land, which conveniently 
shows a scale indicating that three and-a- 
half inches equals the distance of a day's 

A Class Act 

Character creation is pretty straightfor- 
ward. You simply enter a name for the 
character, select one of the four main rac- 
es listed 
above, choose 
the character's 
sex (for Hu- 
mans) and 
then pick one 
of several 
classes. The 
available class- 
es will vary 
depending on 
sex and race 
this is pre-Civil 
Rights Movement Ashtalarea). Available 
classes for male Humans, for instance, in- 
clude Barbarian, Ranger, Warrior, Squire, 
Darkguard, Watchman, Plainsman, Hunt- 
er, Regular, Highwayman, Pirate and 
Rogue, while female Humans are limited 
to Tigress, Amazon, Huntress and Plains- 
woman. If you think females' choices are 
limited, the only available Kelden classes 
are Cliff guard, Rock Ranger, and Far 
Seeker. [Rock Rangers, of course, work 
security at heavy metal concerts when 

Characters are rated for Strength, 
Quickness, Size, Health, Foresight, Cha- 
risma, Intellect, Balance, Endurance and 
Body Points (Hit Points). Based on your 
selection of race, sex and class, you are 
assigned numeric values for these charac- 
ter traits. You can either accept these val- 
ues, or reroll until satisfied. 

Once you settle on a set of character 
stats, you get to choose from among more 
than two dozen graphic figures that can 
be used to represent that character during 
the game. Knights of Legend comes with 
a simple image editor that allows you to 
modify existing character graphics or 
create your own. Up to sixteen characters 
can be saved on your character disk, and 
as many as six may be combined into 

By Lisa Michaels 

your adventuring party. 

Icons, Icons, Icons 

Knights of Legend is icon-driven. To 
perform a certain function, such as going 
through a door, you highlight a small pic- 
ture of a door and activate it by clicking a 
mouse or joystick button (or, in the case 
of the C64 version, pressing RETURN). 
This makes the game easy to learn, but 
with a total of 60 different icons — some 
of which serve two different functions, 
depending on the situation — 
you'll still want to keep the 
quick reference card close at 

Some of the common 
icons include the door men- 
tioned above, an upturned 
thumb and a downtumed 
thumb (to accept or reject an 
NPC's offer), a mouth (for 
when you want to ask an 
NPC a question), an ear (to 
listen to any gossip an NPC 
might want to share) and an 
eye (to examine a merchant's 
wares or to get detailed infor- 
mation about an item in your 

While many icons are just 
used in the towns, the majority 
are directly related to combat. 
For example, there are icons for dropping, 
picking up, readying, sheathing and 
switching weapons; several icons govern 
various combat movements, and there are 
icons for attacking with weapons or hand- 
to-hand, plus several representing defen- 
sive maneuvers. 

Combat: Tactical & Practical 

As evident from the large variety of 
combat icons, Knights of Legend show- 
cases an intricate combat system that al- 
lows a wide variety of strategies and 
tactics. When your adventurers get into a 
fight, a close-up of the battlefield shows 
the position ot your enemies, depicting 
each of your characters as a numbered 

Combat unfolds in rounds, 
with you selecting the type 
of movement or attack and 
defensive posture for each 
character during each round. 
For example, characters with ranged 
weapons such as Crossbows can be di- 
rected to load or fire their weapons. 

Characters without ranged weapons 
may either be given a movement com- 
mand or, if they're already next to an ene- 
my, can be told to attack. Here you have a 
choice of hack, thrust, slash, or (my fa- 
vorite) berserk. Even characters who are 

Continued on page eighteen 

4 QuestBusters 

Mean Streets 

Continued from page three 

shoot-out If you retreat, you'll miss the 
clue you sought. Tex is tough and wears 
a bulletproof raincoat, so he can take sev- 
eral hits before expiring [Editor: like your 
subscription, if you don't remember to re- 
new it 

win the 
out by 

from the 
left to 
the right 
side of 

ing to 

bad guys 
as they 
show up. 
are three 
easy to 
hard. On 
my old 

than an arthritic turtle. Maybe a higher 
clock speed would inject some alacrity 
into his pace. 

At any rate, it's a shame to weaken 
what is a very absorbing intellectual 
game — graced with witty prose and rid- 
dled with obtuse puzzles— by inserting 
these arcade sequences. I agree that some 
sort of danger is needed to keep people 
from getting bored, but surely a team of 
designers who are obviously as good as 
these people could have found a better 
way to do it. 

Tex can also get clues via visiphone by 
calling Vanessa, his luscious red-headed 
secretary, or Lee, a street-wise oriental 
girl. Vanessa digs up info that's a matter 
of public record, while Lee's comes 
straight from the street (and you have to 
pay her). Another say-for-pay character is 
Sonny Fletcher, an L. A. detective. He 
looks old, but don't threaten him — Sonny 

Leading the Way with VGA 

Mean Streets is one of the first of a new generation of games 
taking full advantage of VGA capability. What does this 
mean to you? Well, if you have EGA or less, not much. EGA 
and TGA are still supported in the usual sixteen-color manner 
on products like this. But if you already own VGA, you're 
definitely in for a treat. 

As defined by IBM, the true VGA standard is a matrix of 
300 x 200 graphic cells with 256 colors from a palette of 
256,000 possible shades. This is the limit of support likely to 
be seen in any games. While some adapters can display 800 x 
600 x 256, a picture of such resolution takes more space on 
the disk than many entire games! 

Though the resolution will be no better than what you're 
used to seeing, you'll be surprised what 256 colors can do. 
With this kind of spread, it is possible to include digitized 
graphics of photographic quality — exactly what Access did 
here. I'm not talking studio-quality photographs, mind you, 
but many of Mean Streets' pictures are probably better than 
some of your family Polaroids. The digitized faces are even 
animated, so those glossy red lips move in synch with the sul- 
try female voice pouring from your PC beeper — no board re- 
quired! — via the magic of RealSound, which recently won 
the "Innovations '89" Award at CES. 

The realism of animation and sound is directly related to 
your processor speed. It was designed to be fully playable on 
a stock 4.77 MHz PC, but some frames will not be displayed 
(to speed up the game), and I hear the music slows to a crawl. 
Access recommends a 12 MHz 80286 or faster for best re- 
sults, but my slower Tandy 1000 TX was perfectly accepta- 
ble. Stephen King 

throws a mean haymaker. 

The faster your computer and the more 
memory it's got, the better this program 
works. Keyword copy protection means 
you can install and run it on a hard disk 
without a hitch. Access has a toll-free 
number for technical problems. The key- 
board freezes were fixed in later releases 

of the 
IBM ver- 
sion, so if 
you don't 
have the 
latest — 
1.3— call 
send one. 
Up to ten 
can be 
gives you 
a lot for 
money: a 
very well- 
out mys- 
tery to 
solve, ter- 

and ani- 
sound ef- 
fects and 

voices, a flight simulator that lets you fly 
all over California and parts of Nevada— 
and support for virtually every kind of 
MSDOS computer. Disadvantages in- 
clude lengthy disk access and that juve- 
nile gunfight game. (Younger players, 
however, may even enjoy the gunfights.) 

The Access team really tried hard to 
push the limits of both hardware and soft- 
ware in this game, and for that they de- 
serve all the approval and praise I can 
give them. Mean Streets is a great pro- 
gram for anyone who likes the detective 
genre even a little. If you ever wanted to 
be Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe, this is 
the game for you — very highly 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Protection: Keyword 
Price: IBM, $59.95; C64, $39.95 
Company: Access 


Savage's story line is even simpler than 
that of most "shoot-'em-up in-a-maze" 
games. You and your lover are captives 
in an Evil Wizard's castle, crawling with 
monsters and demons. After you break 
the chains and fight your way out, you 
must turn around and fight your way 
back in, riding a giant eagle this time. Fi- 
nally, uniting your soul with the eagle's, 
you fly and fight your way through an- 
other maze of deadly monsters. 

Graphics and music are acceptable but 
fairly standard. It's a hard one to win, re- 
quiring exquisite timing to advance from 
one challenge to the next. The whole 
family won't be playing it for hours, be- 
cause they'll probably be dead in the first 
minute or so [unless you live with the 
Manson family]. 

Three games comprise the package, 
but aside from the artwork, none shows a 
shred of originality. The first is a passa- 
ble imitation of Barbarian or Rastan 
that's not nearly as good as Sword of So- 
dan. Game two looks exactly like Sega's 
SpaceHarrier or the Buck Rogers video- 
game, except that you don't get to see 
your protagonist Game three is just a 
tougher version of Choplifter or any num- 
ber of games in which you fly through a 
maze and blast things. 

Complete game 
one, and 
you get mul- 
tiple lives in 
game two, 
and so on 
for game 
three. But 
try to run 
game two or 
three with- 
out finishing 
the previous 
ones, and 
you only get 
one 1 i f e in 
later scenarios. 

Conclusions: Savage is a perfectly 
good imitation of three other perfectly 
good games. The difficulty factor is 
somewhat higher than for most such 
games — you'll need to be a real reflex 
wizard to have much success. It doesn't 
advance the state of the art in any way, so 
buy it only if you're an arcade junkie. 

Skill Level: Advanced 
Protection: Program 
Price: C64, $29.95; others, $34.95 
Company: MicroPlay/MicroProse 

By Ken St. Andre 

Type: Action 
Systems: C64, ST, 
Amiga, IBM (256K, 
EGA, CGA, Tandy); 
all support joystick 
and keyboard, no 

Version re- 
viewed: C64 

QuestBusters 5 

Pychic War 

Nowhere on the planet is the computer/ 
videogame industry more prolific than in 
Japan. In a land where people form lines 
around entire blocks to get a new release, 
hundreds of thousands of copies change 
hands in a single day, and fortunes are 
made on a single game title. 

It's only natural that some of these ti- 
tles make it to our shores. In fact, there's 
a growing trend to import them. Respect- 
ed companies such as Sierra, Electronic 
Arts and Broderbund have all brought in 
their share of Japanese games. 

The latest of Broderbund's Kyodai im- 
ports, Psychic War is set in the distant 
future. Mankind reached outward to 
the stars and found that we are not alone, 
and the Imperial army quickly overran 
the human Federation by using an ESP 
device to control the humans' extrasenso- 
ry powers. 

Following 100 years of alien domina- 
tion, a lone hero of the Federation under- 
ground and his android partner were able 
to steal the Imperial files that allowed us 
to overcome this handicap. With ESP 
powers restored, the psychic soldiers 
combined their might and defeated the in- 
truding Imperial troops. 

More than a century has elapsed, and 
the Empire is up to their old tricks. With 
a new Psychic Wave device they plan to 
destroy the human Federation's only 
hope of halting their advance. It is your 
job to put together 
a team of psychic 
warriors and pre- 
pare to invade the 
alien satellite be- 
fore they destroy 
the Federation 

An A Maze- 
ing Game 

Psychic Warrior 
is basically a maze 
exploration game. 

You begin on a human satellite called Sa- 
mar City, where you'll meet potential al- 
lies. As you wander about, you encounter 
numerous beings who possess various 
kinds of ESP. 

Pressing the F2 key brings up a small 
menu that lets you to talk to the aliens, or 
try to recruit them into your party. If you 
elect to talk, they will give you a hint and 
leave. Decide to recruit them instead, and 
up to three will join. 

There are eleven different psychic 
powers, so it's important to eventually 
get a good mix in your party. Early on, 

By Stephen King 

however, concentrate on just getting bod- 
ies to fill the empty slots in your party. 
Closely examine the psychic ability of 
each person you recruit. The more power 
you have collectively, the stronger your 
basic mental beam. If you pick up a 
player with limited mental capacity, re- 
place him at the first opportunity. 

That Voodoo 
That You Do 

Your main char- 
acter starts out with 
Beam and Teleport 
abilities. The first 
power allows you to 
transform the men- 
tal energy of your 
whole group into an 
attack ray, while the 
second allows you 
to retreat from your Lots 

enemy if you're losing the battle. 
This faculty is limited, since it seldom 
works; even when it does, you're likely to 
find yourself back in batde again a few 
steps later — facing a fully recuperated 

As the game progresses, you will find 
potential allies with the following abili- 
ties: Shield, Suction, Empathy, Duplicate, 
Hyper, Marker, Mind Jump, Magnify and 
Mega Shield. If any member of your 
group has one of these powers, the entire 
party benefits from them. Both shields are 
defensive weapons that allow you to hold 
off an enemy attack while he is drained 
of mental strength. Suction allows you to 

absorb the 
bad guy's 
(though I 
never was 
able to make 
it work, or 
tell if it was 
while Empa- 
thy lets you 
recover your 
own strength 
in an immediate lump. 

Hyper and Magnify both increase the 
effects of your offenses, and Marker/ 
Mind Jump combine to let you memorize 
a spot and jump to it. Last but not least is 
Duplicate, probably the most subtle and 
valuable weapon at your disposal, ena- 
bling your team to imitate the shape of an 

A Clone In A Strange Land 

Because most of the game is played on 
your opponents' satellites, and because 
they attack Federation members first and 
ask questions later, you will find Duplica- 
tion a handy way of sneaking around. Un- 
fortunately, this has the unfavorable side 

of stats 

Type: Action RPG 
Systems: MSDOS (384K required; 
EGA, CGA, Hercules, Tandy 16-color, 
(you get 16-color EGA on Orchid, Para- 
dise and a few other VGA boards); sup- 
ports Ad-Lib and Tandy three- voice 
sound, keyboard and joystick; both disk 
formats in separate boxes) 
Planned conversions: none 

effect of causing other Federation mem- 
bers to attack you without warning. 

One of the game's flaws is that you 
have no way to deal with these erstwhile 
allies other than to run away or kill them. 
Of the two options, killing is easier, be- 
cause the Federation people are usually 
much weaker and retreat is not always 
possible. Still, I don't find it morally ethi- 
cal to turn on allies just 
because of expedience. 
A third option should 
have been added for 
this circumstance. 

Another flaw is that 
when you do kill a 
creature, it generally 
pops up in die same 
place at full strength 
again right away. Since 
it is easy to lose your 
bearings in a maze, you 
might find yourself battling the 
same monster three or four times in a 
row as you cross the square he inhabits. 
This can be quite debilitating in a very 
short time. 

As you continue to explore the satel- 
lites, you will find Yontry (a healing liq- 
uid that can be used to barter), VIP cards, 
Maps, various guns and the cartridges 
needed to annihilate the creatures called 
Mothra, Rodan and Gamera (hmm, 
where have I heard those names before?). 

Don't Go Out Without 
Your Rubbers! 

Perhaps the most comical part of the 
entire game is the armor. There are three 
different armor types, ranging from the 
limited protection of the Trogan 3 to the 
somewhat more effective Ramzes 6. Fi- 
nally, there is the Sheek 9, the most for- 
midable protective force in the universe! 
More humor manifests in the options of- 
fered in many places: rather than asking 
the typical yes/no, it invokes southern 
California lingo like Totally/No Way. 

The graphics are not the worst I've 
ever seen. Sixteen colors are supported in 
VGA, EGA and TGA modes. Even the 
Hercules and CGA are not bad. The 
problem is that they are too repetitive. 

A handful of wall frames appear over 
and over, and you'll find an endless pro- 
cession of empty rooms that look exactly 
the same in spite of differing descrip- 
tions. (People who don't like to draw 
their own maps will find a collection of 
them in the last half of the owners 

There are half dozen or so creature 
types that you encounter again and again 
on any of the six enemy satellites. You 
find yourself confined to moving, attack- 
Continued on page thirteen 

QuestBusters 6 

Leisure Suit Larry III 

Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals 

Well, it's finally here — the long awaited 
closing chapter to the Leisure-suited trilo- 
gy, perhaps the last we'll ever see of our 
fumble-footed Romeo. . .or is it? 

After Larry triumphed over the evil 
doctor Nonookee in the last episode, our 
little buddy was a hero forever to the in- 
habitants of Nontoonyt Island. He mar- 
ried the luscious Kalalau, daughter of big 
chief Kenewauwau. What could possibly 
go wrong? Well, as the Murphy's of the 
world would be happy to tell you, any- 
thing that could, would. . .and did! 

Wanted:Pudgy, balding ex-hero. 
Experience required 

The action starts with our hero stand- 
ing on Nontoonyt' s beautiful Vista Point, 
ruler of all he surveys. He is noticeably 
paunchier than the last time we saw him 
and just generally content with what life 
has to give him. Until. . . 

Upon return to his palatial estate, he 
finds that his beloved has locked him out 
after a brief divorce ceremony. She is 
currently flaunting the novelty of her sin- 
gle status by sharing a hot tub with her 
new lover, an ex-cannibal. 

Well, life is cruel and memory brief. 
After changing from his island gear to the 

Type: Animated Adventure 
Systems: IBM (5 12K required, 640K on jr & 
Tandy 1000; 8 MHz system & hard drive is 
recommended; both disk formats in same box; 
Hercules, EGA, CGA, MCGA, VGA (16 col- 
ors); Roland MT-32, Ad-Lib, IBM, CMS, Ca- 
sio MT-540/CT-640 & CSM-1, Yamaha FB- 
01; mouse, keyboard, stick) 
Planned conversions: Amiga, ST, Mac 
Version reviewed: IBM 

In the first half, we travel across the 
breadth of the beautiful Nontoonyt island 
while the white-suited wonder tries to 
thrust himself headlong back into the sin- 
gles scene. The island is inhabited with a 
thriving population of females, all having 
names that end in "i". 

Unfortunately for 
Larry, every one of the 
island's flourishing pop- 
ulation of females 
wants something be- 
sides his tired old body. 
Your task is to appease 
their desires, but even if 
you do succeed, you 
may find that quick and 
easy gratification has 
lost some of it's allure 
for Mr. Laffer. Indeed, 
only one woman on the 
entire island is ideally suited for him. 

The Fruit of Passion 

If all goes according to plan, Larry 
will eventually meet his one true love, 
Passionate Patti, that famed virtuoso of 
the cocktail lounge piano bar circuit. 
Both of them realize immediately that 
they are each other's perfect match, but a 
misunderstanding leads to 
early separation. 

You must then assume 
the role of Patti. Armed 
only with your wits and a 
surprisingly useful array 
of feminine clothing, you 
have to follow your 
heart's desire to the literal 
ends of the earth to get 
him back. 


famed polyester suit in a manner reminis- 
cent of Clark Kent, Larry heads to work. 
Even though his marriage is irreparably 
shattered, he still has his prestigious vice 
presidential position at good old Native's 
Inc. Until. . .you guessed it! Big Chief 
Kenewauwau (or Chairman Kenneth, as 
he is known these days) tosses Larry out 
on his ear! What's an erstwhile Romeo to 

Well, in Larry's case, he decides to 
bury himself up to his ears in young nu- 
bile females. Not as tough as it sounds, 
since Chairman Kenneth has turned the 
island into a yuppie paradise. Not so hard 
at all — until the ladies in question get a 
load of Larry! 

The $64,000 


Patti melds most of the 
best of the first two quests into a lively 
new adventure. The game starts with the 
familiar question and answer series from 
Lounge Lizards. Your answers to trivia 
questions determine the lewdness level of 
the game. Five correct answers gets you 
to the "totally raunchy" level. Get them 
all wrong, and you see the "mother 
goose" level. 

There are four intermediate lewdness 
levels. I played through the least and 
most raunchy stories to see the differenc- 
es. No matter how you cut it, Patti is an 
adult game with adult themes. At the 
lewdest level there is limited nudity, 

By Stephen King 

graphic "mature" animation and "adults 
only" humor, making this the most ex- 
plicit game of the series. 

You preeverts, don't get too excited, 
though. Even at its worst (or best), the 
game's raunch pales by comparison to 
any of the more explicit graphic stills and 
animation I've seen 
on adult bulletin 
boards. The "adults 
only" aspect of it is 
really intended to 
add humor and lim- 
ited titillation. 

At the tamer lev- 
els, nudity is cov- 
ered by a modest 
hand or drawn 
shade. In all scenes 
where Larry is in- 
volved with various 
beach bunnies, the animation was toned 
down or entirely cut out. Even the user- 
redefinable generic expletive is changed 
to a mild GOLLY GEE! The only fumble 
comes when a low-status player loads a 
game saved at a higher level and is al- 
lowed to continue with the more candid 

Playing Patti Cake 

Once you take on the role of Patti, the 
tone changes to a pure action-packed ad- 
venture ala Looking For Love. Your only 
interest is to find and capture your one 
true love (ok, ok, so what red-blooded fe- 
male could resist stopping to see the male 
stripper first?). 

Don't lose the valuable "Nontoonyt 
Tonight" book that comes with your 
package. While Larry III has no copy 
protection on the disk, you will find 
many valuable items of information here 
that you must have. Only with this — and 
a pair of maxi-stretch panty hose — can 
you hope to find your way through the 
untamed bamboo jungle and avoid get- 
ting porked by a wild feral pig or two. 

Talking Up a Storm 

The controls for moving your charac- 
ter are unchanged from the most recent 
Sierra adventures, and the parser is still 
excellent, understanding complex sen- 
tences and pronouns like him, her and it. 
There is a small weakness in pronoun 
substitution. For example, if you say 
"open mailbox," the game tells you a let- 
ter is inside. "Get it" assumes that you are 
trying to get the mailbox, not the letter. 

There is also a small problem commu- 

Continued on page nineteen 

QuestBusters 7 

Dragons of Flame 

The Dragonlance series of action adven- 
tures is the collaborative effort of Strate- 
gic Simulations and the A D & D people, 
TSR Inc. In the first installment, Heroes 
of the Lance, we met eight hearty adven- 
turers who were the only thing standing 
between mankind and the chaos fostered 
by the Queen of Darkness. These Com- 
panions of the Lance put up a valorous 
battle, but only succeeded in slowing 
down the master plan of Takhisis. Drag- 
ons of Flame takes up where that quest 
left off. 

Over Hill & Dale 

Unlike the previous adventure, this 
one starts out with an overhead view of 
the countryside. An animated icon in the 
center of the screen represents your party, 
which includes the same eight players of 
the first game. You can move around 
with the keyboard arrows or a joystick if 
you have one. Various monsters and 
NPCs can be seen wandering around on- 
screen. Many times they move randomly, 
but often they will come right at you, as 
though spoiling for a fight 

Most of these are members of the Dra- 
conian army, which is marching south at 
an even clip. Not all are actually Draconi- 
ans. Some are Dwarves, Trolls, Goblins, 

(Not the 
and even 
a couple 
of drag- 
ons for 
— not to mention several other evil, 
wicked, mean, bad and nasty types, in- 
cluding the three different Draconian 
models ranging from standard to super- 
turbo. There are some good guys as well, 
but they are few and far between, so 
you'll have to keep your eyes peeled. 

I'd Rather Fight Than Switch 

When you cross paths with any crea- 
ture, the screen switches to a side view 
reminiscent of Heroes of the Lance. If 
they are friendly, you may get a hint 
about the location of a cache of weapons 

Type: Action 

Systems: ffiM(384K 
required, disk formats 
in separate boxes, 
mouse support, stick 
recommended); ST, 

Planned conver- 
sions: C64 
Version reviewed: 

and supplies; NPCs will also join your 
group if you haven't already filled the 
two extra slots. There are three special 
people: Princess Laurana (whom you 
must rescue), an Elven Magic-user 
named Gilthanas, and a Mercenary called 
Eben Shatterstone. If you come into con- 
tact with one of them, he or she will dis- 
place any men or 
nomads who already 
joined your party. 

If you've stumbled 
into an unfriendly area, 
prepare for battle! the 
size of the monster 
group is random, so you 
may be facing a single 
Hobgoblin or a whole 
group of assorted Black 
Hats. While you are . „ M 

fighting, the larger game 
continues in real time, so your foes will 
often be joined by reinforcements that 
were close by when the battle com- 
menced. If this happens, the new mon- 
sters will often fade in at the center of the 
screen. Now if only we could get Scotty 
to beam them back home! 

Two-Fisted Buttonmania 

If you are restricted to using the key- 
board, combat itself can be clumsy. The 
right and left arrows on the numbered 
keypad cause you to walk in the direction 
you are facing or turn around. The up and 
down arrows change your heading, and 
the new direction will be represented by a 
red arrow on the compass rose. 

While fighting, you must use these 
keys in combination with the grey "+" 
key to control your weapons. If using a 
Tandy keyboard, the right arrow key next 
to the "0" is used instead I could never 
quite get used to this arrangement, but 
I'm sure lots of practice would help. Joy- 
stick owners simply use the button, 
which is far more intuitive. 

It would have been much easier on the 
player to hold down the space bar with 
his left hand while controlling the weap- 
on with his right. Multi-button manipula- 
tion with a single hand is just too 
awkward and quickly causes hand 
cramps — especially when your left hand 
is sitting idle most of the game anyway. 

Instead, the space bar is used to call up 
a menu of options. All choices except 
SAVE and RESTORE are also accessible 
directly from the keyboard, but it's handy 
to have a menu. I just think a different 

By Stephen King 


key should have been used. 

The Better Part Of Valor 

Of course, it's easier oh the troops to 
throw stones from afar, so it is usually a 
good idea to put warriors with distance 
weapons in the lead spot until the evil 
horde approaches too closely. As the bat- 
tle breaks into a free-for-all melee, move 
up one of the players with a more devas- 
tating hand-to-hand weapon. There is 
nothing like a good +3 Two-handed 

Sword to cut short a 
debate on monster 

I'll Gladly Pay 
You Tuesday 
For Some 

When you've 
dispatched all of 
your onscreen foes, 
pressing the "0" key 
will toggle you back to the overhead 
view. This was also something I had trou- 
ble with. Reading the directions helps 
(UGH! Me no need manual!) but they are 
much skimpier than in Heroes of the 
Lance. After a half-page of recap, there 
are four pages of player biography that 
are just a paraphrased repeat of what you 
already read in the prior game. After this 
come two pages of descriptive text about 
the other creatures and special items. 

Installation and game explanations are 
provided on a fold-out quick reference 
card that is terribly terse. I had more trou- 
ble initially installing this game and fig- 
uring out how to make it work than any 
other quest this year. Again, it would 
have helped if I had paid closer attention 
to the QR card. My usual modus operandi 
is to scan this info quickly and then get 
my feet wet right away. This is easier 
said than done with Dragons of Flame. 

Panoramic Splendor 

Once installed, the game showed off 
very nice, colorful graphics. TGA and 
CGA are supported, but it is shipped in 
the EGA mode, so a converter program is 
provided. If you are on a Tandy, this op- 
eration takes only a few seconds, since 
the EGA is so similar. CGA seems to be 
losing its edge as "least common denomi- 
nator," so the installation takes a bit long- 
er for this mode. The wait is not 
excessive in any case. Copy protection is 
of the keyword variety that asks you to 
type in a semi-random word from the 

The overhead view reminds me a lot of 
Questron II, but the combat mode looks 
just like Heroes. Each of the animated 

8 QuestBusters 

QB Launches "E-Mail Adventure" Edition 

Since the Adventure Hotline has always 
been one of our most popular sections, 
we've chosen it as the vehicle for launch- 
ing an experimental online edition of QB. 
Rather than doing a BBS-type affair inde- 
pendently or in affiliation with a major 
online network, we'll use "E-Mail Ad- 
ventures" to deliver weekly news consist- 
ing of the latest adventure game releases, 
conversion updates, bug reports and relat- 
ed information. 

All kinds of adventure-related news ar- 
rives here daily and is stuffed into a fold- 

er until it's time to conjure up the next is- 
sue. Now you can get this news — and 
probably even more information that 
won't show up in QB for another month 
or so due to space considerations — once a 
week. The initial rate for the service will 
be $10 for three months. This may rise or 
fall in the future, so for now we can only 
accept three-month subscriptions; later 
we'll offer discounts for lengthier subs. 

For QB Subscribers Only 

If you want to sign up, send check or 

money order for $10 (US funds), your 
name and address as it appears on your 
mailing label (this service is for QB sub- 
scribers only), and your E-Mail address 
on Delphi, GEnie or CompuServe. (See 
page twelve for a special introductory 
deal for Delphi.) Checks will not be 
cashed by us until the service is active; if 
for any reason it doesn't do so by March 
30, all checks will be returned — so if re- 
newing or ordering other items at the 
same time, send a separate $10 check for 
"E-Mail Adventures." 

Dragons of Flame 

Continued from previous page 

characters have individual personalities, 
and it's fun to watch the bouncing jog of 
Flint Fireforge and the sliding, forward 
moonwalk of Caramon Majere. 

If you wish, you can stay in the side- 
view combat mode throughout the game. 
Movement is just as fast, but it's harder 
to tell where you are going. Switching 
back and forth also becomes a problem if 
you are directly adjacent to a cliff or riv- 
er. Since you might be standing right next 
to a stream and not know if you are fac- 
ing the wrong direction, just look around 
quickly if you can't change back. 

The side-view is also handy for taking 
shortcuts across otherwise impassable ter- 
rain. In the overhead picture, any water- 
way will stop you short. If you switch to 
combat mode, you can often simply jump 
over the obstacle in question. 

As in the first game, sound effects are 
limited to what can be done with the in- 
ternal speaker. A single-voice tune plays 
as the opening titles are running. During 
the game you hear the sounds of ap- 
proaching footsteps (even when your foe 
is a giant flying wasp!), a musical siren 
sound as spells fly through the air, and 
the crashing sound of your weapon when 
it collides with an enemy or the ground. 
Conclusions: Dragons of Flame is an 
excellent sequel that builds well on He- 
roes of the Lance and features the same 
beautiful graphics and non-stop action. 
Fans of the first adventure will not be dis- 
appointed with this one — which is almost 
a perfect wedding of the RPG series with 
the action game. Miniscule documenta- 
tion and a complicated combat system are 
its only flaws. 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Copy Protection: Keyword 
Price: C64, $29.95; others, $39.95 
Company: SSI/EA 

Swords of Twilight update 

We reviewed a beta version of Freefall's 
new multi-player RPG a few months ago 
and recommended it for two or three 
players, but decided 
to see how the artifi- 
cial intelligence gov- 
erning computer- 
controlled party 
members was en- 
hanced before com- 
menting on it as a 
solo game. The com- 
guys wandered off a 
lot when I played the beta version — so 
often that I started calling them my broth- 
er Darryl and my other brother Darryl 
(also short for D&D); 

The finished product arrived recently, 
and it plays much more smoothly. Now 
the other guys in my party moved faster, 
and I didn't have to jump through so 
many hoops to get them to follow me 
around the walls and through doors in the 
casdes. When I immediately moved east 
along a wall after going south through a 
door from room A in the beta version, for 
example, the third guy in the party would 
start following me to the east without go- 
ing south through the door, and wound up 
stuck in a corner. Now he quickly turns 
around and catches up. 

I even tried to trick him by deliberately 
racing east along 
the wall to the 
comer as quickly 
as possible. He 
still followed 
from the other 
side of the wall, 
but headed for the 
door when I start- 
ed south from the corner — in the beta, I 
often had to return to the original room 

Digitized graphics 

Type: 1-3 player/ RPG 
Systems: Amiga 
(512K; stick required 
for multiple players) 
Planned conver- 
sions: IBM? 

and lead him out the door. Another nice 
nuance comes into play when using the 
cursor keys for movement: you can hold 
two arrows down for diagonal move- 
ment, untrue of most keyboard 

The 33-page manual is one of the 
best from EA in eons (and no won- 
der: it was 
written by 
Jon Free- 
man). In ad- 
dition to 
docs, espe- 
cially the 
of the magic 
system, it of- 
fers advice on which characters to use in 
the party at various times and gives out 
many more tips. It also hints that the 
game may be converted, saying the man- 
ual "...was written for the Amiga. If 
you're using anything other than an Ami- 
ga, consult the Command Summary 
Card. . .". When wrapping up the Amiga 
version, Freeman said it would be ported 
to the IBM first if at all. 

There's no copy protection on the disk, 
so hard disks are supported. For a full re- 
view of Swords of Twilight, see the Au- 
gust 1989 issue. 

Conclusions: This imaginative 
and original fantasy is highly rec- 
ommended as a solo or multi- 
player game. Shay Addams 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Copy Protection: Keyword 
Price: $49.95 
Company: Freefall/EA 

QuestBusters 9 

Walkthrough: Gold Rush 

By Terry Calderwood & Family 
Verified by Stephen King 

Sell your home and book passage to Cali- 
fornia within the first fourteen minutes, 
when the gold rush starts. If this happens, 
you can't get a good price for your house, 
and transportation prices will be very 
high. Also, some shops (like the grocery) 
will close. 

The timer stops when a text window 
appears, but not while you're typing. You 
may want to start typing as Jerrod is 
walking, so you'll be ready when he 
reaches his destination. Don't forget to 
use the F3 key for repetitive entry, as 
when you are looking for the coin in the 
gazebo, or panning for gold. Commands 
to be typed in appear in boldface. 

The Park 

Sell house. Walk south. Walk up. Un- 
lock gate. Unlock door. Walk into the 
living room. Look at the table. Read 
album. Take photo. Close desk. 
Take statement. Read statement. 
Note your account number, which is ran- 
dom, because you'll need it at the bank. 
Leave the house and wait for a bearded 
man in a white coat. Approach the real 
estate agent and accept his offer of $850. 
Walk west one screen to the Gazebo and 

The Gazebo 

Avoidiong the grass, walk to the en- 
trance. Get flower. Walk the rest of the 
way in. Look gmpps. Look dsbdlt. 
You may have to walk around a bit, but 
keep looking at the cracks until you see a 
gold coin. Get coin. [If you don't find it 
right away, load your saved position and 
try again, for time is vital. 

The Newspaper Building 
& the Cemetery 

Walk west past the post office, south- 
west. Enter the newspaper building and 
walk all the way to the back and through 
the doorway. Go either left or right until 
you can't be seen, and you'll appear 
again on level two. Walk forward to the 
front office on the east side. Look desk. 
Look cmpuufs. Read dmjqqjoht. Re- 
turn to level one and enter the office on 
the southwest side of the room. Talk to 
boss. Resign. Leave the building. 
Walk south and follow the path to the ce- 
metery. Two headstones in the back row 
are placed next to each other. Walk back 
to the one on the left. Sfbe tupof. Go to 
the right and one. Sfbe tupof. Put 

gmpxfst on grave. Walk back in front 
of the newspaper office. Go west two 
screens to the stage office. 

Get out of Town! 

[If you want to go overland in a wagon 
train, enter and approach the man at the 
desk.] Buy ticket. [When the agent asks 
if you want a ticket to Independence, re- 
spond] Yes. Buy ticket. [Leave the build- 
ing. If taking a ship, go north one screen 
to the hardware and grocery stores.] Buy 
fruit [in grocery]. Buy mosquito net 
[hardware store]. The fruit is for the trip 
around the Cape, the net for Panama. If 
you have chosen one of these routes, 
you'll get four points for one of these ac- 
tions. Since you haven't formally chosen 
your route by buying a ticket, these 
points won't show up until your ship sets 

Go east two screens and north one. Walk 
into the warehouse on the left side of the 
dock and read sign on the post, then 
leave. Go south into the bank. Walk to 
the left teller window and when the man 
offers to help, get money. When he 
prompts you, enter the account number 
from the bank statement you found on 
your desk, then leave the building. 
Go south one screen to the Post Office. If 
you've decided on ocean travel, go all 
the way to the right to the gate of the 
house just east of your house. When Leo- 
nard to approaches, buy ticket. He'll 
ask if you want to buy a boat ticket; say 
yes, then choose Cape or Panama and 
respond yes. Give cash, go west back 
to die post office and save the game. 
In the post office, ring bell. When the 
postmaster approaches, get mail, take 
letter, look envelope, look post- 
mark, look stamp, take stamp, 
open letter, read letter. 
If going overland, walk southwest to the 
newspaper office and then west to the 
livery. In the livery, talk to man. Walk 
back outside and wait for him to follow. 
Give ticket, then get in coach. 
If going by ship, walk north (from post 
office) two screens to the dock and get 
on the ship, which won't sail till you're 
18 minutes into the game. If you have 
lots of time, you might want to explore 
the rest of the town and talk to a few 
people on the streets. 

Cape Horn Voyage 

After the animated sequence, walk east 
one screen and talk to the man leaning 
against the mast and reading a book. He 
will give you a Bible. Don't take any- 

thing else until you round the Cape and 
get through the storm. Dying from ship- 
wreck or disease is purely random. If this 
happens, go back to a saved game and 
try again. You have the option of explor- 
ing the ship if you like, or just pressing 
Control-N to get back to the next animat- 
ed sequence. After the storm, the ship 
will be on rough waters and you'll be in 
the bunk room. Look floor. Get 
string. Go aft to the engine room and 
look floor, take scraps. Go aft into 
the Captain's cabin and look floor, 
take clip. Press Control-N to get reach 
the next animated sequence. When con- 
trol returns to you, go down to the boiler 
room and take stick. Walk up to the 
galley and talk to man (the cook). Af- 
ter his warning, take pork, then walk to 
the top deck, all the way aft and catch 
fish. After catching the fish, you will 
proceed to Sacramento. 

Panama Voyage 

When stopped by natives after your pos- 
sessions, reply yes and wait until control 
returns to you on the jungle path. Walk 
up to the man by the tree and talk to 
man. He will give you a Bible . The fun 
starts here, so save the game. Return to 
the path and follow it in the direction 
your companions took. Maneuver right 
beneath the hanging vine and take vine 
when the ants appear. When they leave 
again, let go and continue east. 
There are three paths here, but only the 
top one provides clear egress. As you are 
walking, you should stub your toe near 
the center of the screen. If not, wander 
until "Ouch!" is displayed. Look 
ground, take disk, then walk south- 
east off the screen. 

On the next screen, you must avoid an al- 
ligator and quicksand. This is completely 
trial and error, so don't get frustrated. Go 
half way across the river and walk up un- 
til even with the trail on the far side. 
Cross the river going east and leave the 
screen. The rest of the trip to Sacramento 
is automated. 


Enter the left side of the white building 
with two doors on the front. Get on 
stage. (Next stop, Fort Sutter.) 

The Overland Trail 

In the wagon camp, walk to the leftmost 
of the three talking men and talk to 
man. When he tells you they need mon- 
ey, give cash. After he tells you to buy 
animals, walk south to the animal pen 

10 QuestBusters 

and talk man, buy animals, buy ma- 
ture oxen. Return to group and talk 
man. After he tells you to check the 
plains, walk east. Go up to the man who 
is reading and talk man. He will give 
you a Bible. Go north and look at the 
plains. Continue looking at them every 
minute or so, until you detect a change, 
then go back to the group and report it to 
the Captain. Another animated sequence 
describes the trip to Green River, at 
which point you must unhitch oxen, 
look wagon, lock wheels and contin- 
ue west to the desert scene. Look wag- 
on, look in barrel, drink water, 
look in wagon, eat meat and contin- 
ue to for Sutter. 

Fort Sutter 

Due to the way you often change direc- 
tion half the time when you walk onto a 
new screen, moving around here can 
be quite frustrating. All directions 
given here are real directions 
based on the shape of the fort, as 
opposed to the direction you are 
walking. Don't assume that North 
is up and South is down, etc. 
Where direction is ambiguous, 
the terms left, right, up and down 
are employed. 

The Cemetery 

Walk away from Fort Sutter until 
you see the overhead map. Go to the right 
side and enter from the east (you should 
end up in the cemetery). Go to the grave 
near the center of the screen in the back 
row and sfbe tupof. This is your fa- 
ther's name, with the first and last names 
reversed. Read Bible several times until 
you come to Qtbmn Uxfouz-uisff 
then vtf mfuufs. Using the cursor keys 
to move it, line the holes up with the let- 
ters R2100M; the game will stop you 
when you get it lined up perfectly. This is 
a clue telling you to check in Room 12 of 
the hotel in Coloma. 
Take central path into fort and go down 
I the screen and into the red door with the 
i note on it. Buy pan, give coin to 
man. Leave the trading post. Go down 
the screen again to get back near the en- 
trance by the cemetery, then walk to the 
wall on the right side and follow it off the 
screen (down and right). 
You appear to be going east on this next 
screen, but are really going west Contin- 
ue until you see the blacksmith working 
in his shop. Enter it and talk to man. 
Answer his questions to get the branding 
iron then leave his shop and walk left 
again to the guard and out the gate. 
Walk away from Fort Sutter till the over- 
head map appears, then walk all the way 
east and off the map. Walk into the mid- 

dle of the river and continue east until 
you reach mile 9. Carefully make sure 
there are no other miners onscreen and 
then pan for gold. Using the F3 key to 
repeat, continue east while panning for 
gold every few steps. If you make a 
strike, keep panning in the same spot un- 
til it runs out. Save the game periodically, 
so that if you're caught by a miner hiding 
behind a tree, you won't have to repeat 
very much. 

At first you will only get one strike per 
screen, but by the time you reach the 16th 
mile, you'll be making several. For the 
purists who want a perfect score, there 
are 50 gold strikes ($2,698) in this seg- 
ment, but you only need four to buy the 
gear needed to complete the game. 

The Coloma Hotel 

Keep walking after the 16th mile, past the 
saw mill and lumberjacks. When you 
reach the outskirts of Coloma, 
walk south one screen and east 
one screen, then into the Coloma 
hotel. At the counter, talk to 
man, get message. He will give 
you a message to take up to the 
man in room 11, take it and walk 
upstairs. Knock on the door, then 
give message. When the man 
leaves, enter the room. 
Walk up to the fireplace and look 
dboopo, uvso xiffm. Enter the 
fireplace, go to the table and take mag- 
net, take note, read note, take 
string (on floor). Go over to the window 
and unlatch window, open window. 
When bird flies the cage, close win- 
dow. Walk over to the bird and look 
bird, look dbqtvmf, insert qipup. 
Open window so the bird can fly away. 
Wait for it to return, and close window. 
Look dbqtvmf, take aerogram, read 
aerogram, open window, climb out 

Move towards the balcony to your left, 
being careful to time it so that you pass 
the window when the man can't be seen. 
Go in the door and downstairs to the lob- 
by. Leave the hotel, walk west to the 
edge of town, north one screen, then west 
back to Fort Sutter. You can pan for more 
gold as you are walking back if you like, 
but you probably have enough by now. 
You should probably stay near the river, 
or you may get bushwhacked. 

Meanwhile, back at the Fort 

Enter Fort Sutter by the south gate, and 
go to the Trading Post Buy shovel, 
give gold to man, buy lantern, give 
gold to man. Return the way you came, 
past the guard and back to the Blacksmith 
Shop. Walk down the screen, then follow 
the wall, going right. Go to the man and 

buy mule, give gold to man, take 
mule. Walk left back to the Blacksmith, 
enter the shop and ifbu jspo, csboe 
mule. Walk left from the Smithy, past 
the guard and out the gate. 
Enter the wooden door to the right of the 
American flag. Walk down the screen 
and leave mule. Look at the brands of 
all the other mules till you find one with 
a brand like yours. Your mule is slow and 
lazy; when you find the high-spirited one, 
take it and leave the corral. 
Walk two miles east and follow mule 
seven miles south and 27 east from the 
Fort. You may want to save the game 
every few screens, because if you walk 
into an obstacle, the mule may get away 
from you. When you get to the camp, en- 
ter the cabin. Look table, take match- 
e s, look rug, move rug (see the 
trapdoor?). Move rug back and leave 
the cabin. 

In the Outhouse 

Walk through the bushes to the Out- 
house, teh entrance is near center-screen, 
so walk all the way down till you stop, 
then go back up just a bit. Walk left, 
down and right to the Outhouse. Enter it. 
Light lantern, look hole, climb in 
hole, yes. Walk southwest until you 
reach a large door. 

Unlocking the Door 

Look door, tie string to nbhofu (if 

you can't, move closer to the lock in the 
door). Put nbhofu in hole. Lower 
nbhofu. Raise nbhofu. Unlock 
door. Save the game and climb down the 
ladder. Go west to the next ladder and 
down. Take pick and walk up to the 
wall east of the ladder. Swing pick (you 
find gold). Take gold. There are several 
other gold strikes in the cave, hidden as 
this one was, and visible ones (gold 
markings on the wall). Purists can search 
as they like, but since this is not neces- 
sary to finish. 

The Missing Brother 

Climb back up the ladder until you're 
above the mine shaft on the right, and 
just above the large black rock on the left. 
Go left to the next ladder and down. Fol- 
low this shaft all the way down and west 
till you find your brother. Walk to the 
back wall where the two visible gold 
strikes are. Take gold, swing pick, 
get gold. This should happen several 
time; just keep using the pick and getting 
the gold. When the gold stops, keep using 
the pick till the hole is big enough to en- 
ter. Enter hole. 

To decode clues, see page 1 7. 

Rambo III 

Rambo's plot is simple, but at least it's 
coherent As Rambo, you must penetrate 
a Russian fortress in Afghanistan, rescue 
his friend Colonel Trautman and get back 
out in one piece. Then you drive a Rus- 
sian battle tank and shoot everything that 
moves. To complete your escape you 
have to kill every Russian in Afghani- 
stan. Expect to die a lot. 

Levels one and two are top-down, joy- 
stick-controlled maze games with plenty 
of opportunities for bloodshed — sort of 
like Gauntlet with machine-guns. Level 
three, the tank ride, is really a shooting 
gallery game. Your handicap is that you 
have to do it all with the Amiga mouse. 
Don't worry about dying — the real object 
here is to run up a high score. 

The designers must have known what 
kind of game they were making: - pro- 
gramming is credited to Elmer Fudd, and 
the high scores you must beat belong to 
Dopey and the rest of the seven dwarves. 

To be perfectly fair, the art on the 
Amiga version is the kind of excellent 
graphics we've grown to expect in Amiga 
games, and the sound effects and music 
are adequate — especially if you get off to 
the sound of gunfire and digitized 
screams. But good graphics never were 
enough to make me like a game! The 
Amiga version has heavy, disk-based 


Type: Action 
Systems: Amiga, 
C64, ST, IBM (CGA, 
VGA, EGA, Tandy; 
Ad-Lib & Tandy sound 
Version reviewed: 

not run 

—I had 

to take it to a friend's house to get past 
the opening credits. You can't open the 
disk and manipulate or even examine the 
game files by using AmigaDOS, hence 
you can't load it to your RAM disk for 
fast and easy play. 

Conclusions: If you really love com- 
puter violence, you'll really love Rambo 
III, a typical Taito shoot-em-up with only 
minimal adventure game elements. As in 
most arcade games, play level starts easy 
and escalates in difficulty as you go 
along. Let me give it a different rating: 
not for anyone with an IQ over 95 or a 
weak stomach. Ken St. Andre 

Skill Level: Advanced 
Protection: Program 
Price: C64, $29.95; others, $34.95 
Company: Taito 

Network Deal 

Delphi, the online network out of Boston, 
is offering a reduced rate on lifetime 
membership ($39.95 instead of $49.95) 
that also includes two hours of time and a 
copy of The Official Delphi Guide. This 
offer is in conjunction with their latest 
club, the New*Age Network™ , but can 
be used by you if interested in our "E- 
Mail Adventure" service, which will go 
on Delphi first. 

Here's how to sign up: Dial (617) 576- 
2981 (after signing up, you can log on 
with a local phone number for TymNet or 
TeleNet). At the prompt for username, 
type joindelphi. When asked for a pass- 
word, type newage. To qualify for the 
rate, from the main menu type en ne; 
when you reach the New* Age Network 
type join. Then write us at QB (via regu- 
lar mail, not E-mail) and leave your Del- 
phi username. 

Adventure Hotline 

Continued from page two 

Star Trek V Upgrades for XT, 
Tandy & Ad-Lib 
Mindscape's first IBM shipment of Star 
Trek V refused to work on XTs, XT 
clones and Tandy TLs. A new version is 
ready but information on replacements 
disks were not when we called; for de- 
tails, call (708) 480-1948. The new ver- 
sion will also support the Ad-Lib sound 
board. Both versions put out 256-color 
VGA graphics. 

Don't Call Us! ! We Won't Call 

Yes, we do have a phone, but it's current- 
ly for editorial only. In order to expedi- 
tiously solve any problems with your sub 
or an order, please write to our new, im- 
proved Customer Service Department — 
not the old, unimproved Customer Ser- 
vice Department. 

Renewal Alert 

Each month we send postcards alerting 
everyone whose sub will expire soon. If 
your renewal gets here by the date indi- 
cated on the card, you won't miss a single 
issue. Otherwise your sub will restart one 
issue later — unless you've got a 1st Class 
sub. Just to be safe, why not check the 
mailing label on this issue and renew 

now if it expires in the next three 
months? To upgrade to "Adventure Ex- 
press," which goes 1st Class in an enve- 
lope, send $24 when you renew for a full 
year. If your sub isn't about to expire but 
you want to upgrade and renew at the 
same time, count the number of issues 
left in your sub and multiply by 500. 

End of the Credit Line. . . 
Just a quick reminder that we no longer 
accept credit card orders — all overseas 
orders should enclose a check or money 
order payable in US Funds or paid 
through a US bank. 

Corporate- type Stuff 
EA finally went public. They also ac- 
quired distribution of games from Cine- 
maWare, Three-Sixty Pacific, UBI Soft 
(a French software company) and Sega's 
"new home computer arcade hits." But 
EA and Arcadia parted ways, and the lat- 
ter' s parent company, Virgin Mastertron- 
ic, is now distributing their stuff. 
Managing Editor of now-defunct Com- 
modore Magazine Jim Gracely is now Di- 
rector of Marketing Services for Free 
Spirit Software, who did Planet of Lust 
and other extremely tasteful adventures. 

Loom still Looming 
Don't look for Lucasfilm's Loom till lat- 
er this year. Based on an upcoming film, 
it's being produced by Michael Moriarty, 
who did Infocom's Beyond Zork and 
Trinity. (We also hear they've got a 
theme party planned for CES in Vegas, 
so Duffy has already been assigned to 
cover it.) 

Roamin' Romans 
The author of Defender of the Crown is 
working on Caeser for EA, and it's 
planned for summer 

Rumor of the Month 
Inside sources say Interplay's Meantime 
has been retitled Sometime — which also 
happens to be the latest projected 
shipping date. 

Mindscape's New Phone Number! 
Yes, another QB exclusive! A new area 
code is in effect at Mindscape: 708 480- 

ACS Club Update 
Annual dues for the Adventure Game 
Construction Set Club are now $15. For 
information, write Ken St. Andr6, 3421 
E. Yale, Phoenix AZ 85008. 

Quest for Clues Coupons 

If you bought either book directly from 

Continued on page eighteen 

12 QuestBusters 

Psychic War 

Continued from page six 

ing or defending. In general, your options 
are just too limited, the scenery is too re- 
dundant and the game goes on too long. 
The basic premise of psychic powers is 
interesting, but not nearly enough to carry 
the whole show. 

Some Sound Advice 

Like most Japanese imports, this one's 
soundtrack continually plays as you wan- 
der around each maze. The tune changes 
from time to time, depending on your lo- 
cation and situation. 

Some games push the internal speaker 
to incredible limits, but not this one. 
You'll probably find the repetitive single 
voice of this mode little more than an an- 
noyance. Thankfully, Kyodai provided a 
parameter to turn off the sound when you 
load the game. 

If you have a Tandy 1000 series com- 
puter, Psychic War will detect the en- 
hanced three-channel chip and 
automatically use it instead. Interesting 
musical nuances makes this somewhat of 
an improvement, but the music generally 
sounds off-key. 

Last but not least, the Ad-Lib will also 
be auto-detected. This music is much 
more pleasing to the ear, and subdued 
enough that you'll probably want to leave 
it running continuously. 

Psychic War is another in' a stream of 
games that use "ye olde purple paper" 
copy protection. This variation on the key 
word system requires you to type in the 
word found at the crux of a certain row 
and column described when you run the 

The words are on a page of purple and 
ink, which makes it almost impossible to 
read as it is to copy. Sometimes the mat- 
ter is compounded by using pictures or 
ideograms instead of the English alpha- 
bet, so enterprising marauders will be un- 
able to reproduce the page on a standard 

Even though this is one of my pet 
peeves, I was pleasandy surprised to find 
that the sharp character set and vasdy dif- 
fering purple shades were enough to 
make mis infinitely more legible than 
past attempts. There is no on-disk copy 
protection, and hard disk installation can 
be accomplished with the COPY *.* 
command. Hard Drive installation is 
strictly optional, and not particularly nec- 
essary since only two 360K disks are 

Conclusions: I'm sorry to say that I 
found this game completely forgettable. I 
was very disappointed with the game in 
general. It's a shame that a game with 
such an unusual premise was thrown to- 

Type: Science Fiction 

gether in such a pedestrian manner. The 
whole time I played, I couldn't shake the 
feeling that it was "just another maze 
game" with very few redeeming features. 
& you're a maze fanatic, or interested in 
just wandering around and picking up 
items with exotic names, this might be up 
your alley. 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Protection: Keyword 
Price: $39.95 
Company: Kyodai/Broderbund 

Mines of Titan 

Infocom's new Mines Of Titan was done 
by Westwood Associates, who also did 
Battletech. It's really not a new game at 
all, but an enhanced version of The Mars 
Saga, released for the C64 by EA back in 
1988. Since QB has already published a 
positive and negative review of this game 
(February & June '89), I looked over 
both before playing the game. 

Personally, I 
didn't like Mines of 
Titan very much, 
but did see potential 
and lots of originali- 
ty. While both pre- 
vious reviewers 
made good argu- 
ments in support of 
their opinions, I 
found the negative 
one far too harsh. 
The graphics are 
definitely not up to 
the quality of 
Bard's Tale, but they are far closer to that 
than public domain. I would say they are 
up to contemporary mediocre standards. 
Some are even quite nice. 

If the documentation was sketchy in 
the original, Infocom remedied that in Ti- 
tan. Not only is the manual informative 
on the game mechanics, but it also now 
includes lots of background on your situ- 
ation and comes with a battery of maps. 
And you now get a "Your Eyes Only" 
packet with crucial information about 
your situation, as well as a rundown on 
some of the indigenous life forms. 
Conclusions: Mines Of Titan has 
much to recommend itself to avid players 
of science fiction oriented RPGs. If you 
enjoyed Battletech or Sentinel Worlds, 
you may find this one will be a valuable 
part of your collection too. [Editor: Infoc- 
om could at least have mentioned on the 
package that the game had been previous- 
ly published under another title, as Mas- 
tertronic did with Time to Die, formerly 

Systems: IBM 
(384K, CGA, EGA, 
VGA — 16-colors, bet- 
ter resolution — 
MCGA, Tandy; Apple 

Planned conver- 
sions: none 
Version reviewed: 

How-to tips: 

Take the VCR on 
your next quest! 

After centuries of relying on archaic sys- 
tems for keeping notes on ongoing 
quests, I finally cast a Vision spell and 
saw the light — and seconds later had 
hooked my VCR to a computer and so I 
could videotape the next game I played, 
noting on paper the counter reading at 
key points. When I wanted to recall the 
legend told by the wizard the first time I 
met him, all I had to do was rewind to 94. 
Besides proving useful for note-taking, 
the tape simplified accurate cartography, 
since I could look at a dungeon level on 
the tape instead of returning to the dun- 
geon. Games like SSI's AD &D, which 
emphasizes tactical combat, are easier to 
master by studying tapes of your battles 
and observing the actions and reactions 
of various monsters to different strate- 
gies. While looking at a tape of Usurper, 
an all-text adventure, I even dis- 
covered a clue I'd overlooked 
while playing it. (Some software 
companies have their playtesters 
videotape as they go, so they can 
observe the conditions under 
which a bug manifested.) 

Hooking your VCR to the 
computer can be done in a num- 
ber of ways, depending on the 
number of video connections on 
your computer, TV or monitor 
and VCR. The idea is to route the 
"video out" signal from the com- 
puter to the VCR's "video in" as 
well as to your monitor or TV. An Amiga 
can send an RPG signal to the monitor 
and a separate composite color signal to a 
VCR, for example. With configurations 
on machines that have only one video 
output, you can use a monitor or TV that 
has a video out connection and pipe the 
pictures from the computer to the monitor 
to the VCR. Or send the video signal 
from the computer to the VCR and use 
the VCR's video out to send the picture 
to the monitor. If completely confused by 
now, note the kinds of video in/out 
cables, etc., on your VCR, monitor and 
computer and call Radio Shack. 

Shay Addams 

published as Borrowed 

Stephen King 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Protection: Key word 
Price: $44.95 
Company: Westwood/Activision 

QuestBusters 13 

Indiana Jones Last Crusade: The Action Game 

It would have been an interesting idea to 
turn the latest Indiana Jones movie into 
an arcade game — if it let you play Indy 
through the film's various scenes, starting 
with the caves in Utah and ending with 
the earthquake in the Grail temple. Our 
hero had enough 
challenges along the 
way to keep you 
busy, without being 
bored by doing the 
same things over and 
over as so many ar- 
cade "action" games 
force you to do. 

However, that isn't what they chose to 
give us. Instead we have four climbing 
and jumping sequences loosely based on 
different scenes in the movie. Very, very 
loosely! So any resemblance or similari- 
ties between this game and the movie of 
the same name are purely coincidental. 

Whips and Trains! 

Sequence one has young Indiana, the 
Boy Scout, making his way through an 
improbable combination of cave, mine, 

The Third Courier 

Continued from page one 

simply moving about. Favorite leisure ac- 
tivities range from fairly sedate pastimes 
like reading and gardening to more ma- 
cho pursuits like hunting and racing. 
There are thirteen cover occupations to 
choose from including journalist, gam- 
bler, computer programmer, or jet setter, 
and four different age groups. Thus, by 
combining selections in various ways, a 
tremendous number of cover identities 
are possible. 

Your agent's cover identity is impor- 
tant because the second page of the dossi- 
er lists character and personality traits for 
your agent based on your selections on 
the first page of the dossier. Character 
traits include intelligence, strength, 
knowledge, intuition and health, while 
personality traits vary and can include 
things like hearing impairment, charm, 
unattractive appearance or acting ability. 
Up to four agents can be kept on file un- 
der separate names, but any agent you 
choose to activate will be referred to by 
the codename Moondancer. 

Enter and Log-On Please 

You start the game in your room at the 
Knesebeck Strasse apartment building. 

Continued on next page 

Type: Action Adventure 

Systems: C64, IBM, Amiga, 


Version reviewed: Amiga 

and obstacle course trying to dodge or 
whip the rogue archaeologists into sub- 
mission so he can abscond with the Cross 
of Coronado. These caves are a veritable 
hell. Underground rivers, falling stalac- 
tites, elevated passageways and an infi- 
nite supply of 
bloodthirsty goons 
along with numerous 
negligent Boy Scouts 
from Indy's troop 
make progress very 
difficult indeed. If 
Indy does manage to 
snare the cross, he has to escape over, un- 
der and through the circus train with all 
the goons in hot pursuit 

Sequence two moves you to the cata- 
combs of Venice, where you must pene- 
trate a rat-infested maze through 
innumerable archways marked by obscure 
symbols. This is the copy protection 
scheme. In order to know which arch to 
pass through, the 
player has to have the 
Byzantine Crusader, 
which has the correct 
dates and symbols 
printed on the last 
page. However, they 
can only be read if you 
have the red filter that 
comes as part of the 
game package. After 
finding the shield, you 
must escape by climbing Ropes 

a castle wall while dodg- 
ing lightning bolts!!! 

In sequence three, you find Indy 
searching for the Grail diary on the Ger- 
man airship, while collecting tickets and 
trying to avoid Nazi guards. If you get 
through that one, you can move on to the 
final sequence where Indy must evade all 
the Crusader traps, find the true Grail and 
bring water back to his wounded father 
before time runs out. 

All of this is done in true arcade fash- 
ion. Your on-screen protagonist has five 
lives, and a certain amount of energy for 
each life. As you complete various por- 
tions of the quest, you are awarded 
points, and the program keeps track of 
your high score. You can win extra lives 
if you do very well. 

Though there are four distinct sequenc- 
es in the game, you can't play them in 
any order — you must proceed in linear 

By Ken St. Andre 

fashion from the first to the last. If you 
don't have exquisite timing, you'll never 
see the later sequences. Perhaps the de- 
signers hope the players will be so in- 
trigued by all these levels that they will 
play over and over for weeks or months 
until the game is conquered. Anyone who 
does so has my whole-hearted 

Graphics & Sounds 

One thing can be said about Lucasfilm 
games — they always look good. In this 
case most of the credit for the look of the 
game should go to Blue Turtle, apparent- 
ly a separate graphics house that worked 
with Lucasfilm on this product. The 
sound is also quite good on those ma- 
chines with good sound capability (Com- 
modore, Amiga, ST and Tandy). Not 
great — not like some of the Sierra or Ac- 
cess products that support different sound 
boards. . .but more than adequate. Moving 
figures are large (about 1.5 inches tall), 
and the animation is 

Play level is for 
beginning to inter- 
mediate arcade 
champs, although 
the endurance level 
needed to complete 
the whole thing is 
superhuman. You 
may pause or abort 
& ladders the game, but you 

can't save it I played 
it on a Tandy, which will run either 
Tandy sixteen-color graphics or four- 
color CGA. The Tandy graphics look a 
lot better, but they slow the machine 
down tremendously. You give up sound 
and color in CGA mode, but you get a 
faster-playing, smoother game flow. 
Take your choice. 

Conclusions: If you enjoy climbing, 
dodging, shooting action games with no 
internal logic (but with lots of pretty pic- 
tures) and you have a superb sense of 
timing, you may love Indy — the action 
game. Give me Indy — the graphic adven- 
ture any day! And run that theme music! 
Dahhh! Da-dat daaahh, da da da! 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Protection: Program 
Price: C64, $29.95; others, $39.95 
Company: Lucasfilm Games/EA 

14 OuestBusters 

The Third Courier 

Continued from previous page 

Here you find 30 deutschemarks, your 
passport, a cash machine card, and a 
loaded Smith & Wesson. Also in the 
apartment are an answering machine and 
a computer terminal. As you play, head- 
quarters sends E-mail messages concern- 
ing the mission to you through your 
computer terminal, your sole contact 
with HQ. 

Besides E-mail, the computer also fea- 
tures a Name Check function. When you 
select Name Check from the command 
bar, a list of names drops down. Clicking 
on a name produces a picture of the se- 
lected person, along with a mini- 
biography compiled by headquarters. 
Later in the game, one of the gadgets 
you'll pick up from mission support is a 
photo-FAX device that lets your discrete- 
ly send a picture of anyone you encoun- 
ter into headquarters to be checked 
against the main files. If a positive ID 
comes back, you'll see a new name on 
your Name Check list when you return to 
your terminal. 

Use of the computer terminal is also 
related to the game's copy protection 
scheme. To access the computer for the 
first time during each playing session, 
you must enter a password found by 
aligning symbols and letters on a Top Se- 
in the 
word is 
form of 
and it is easily installed on a hard disk.) 

Another Really Clever Subtitle 

ThirdCourier can be played using a 
mouse, a joystick or the keyboard, but 
the mouse is by far the best choice. As 
you play, the left side of the screen dis- 
plays a first-person view of your imme- 
diate surroundings. There is a dialogue 
window above: a status box below lists 
your current location, any weapon you 
have armed, and the amount of available 
ammunition. In addition, a small icon ap- 

Type: Role-playing 
Graphic Adventure 
Systems: GS & IBM 
(3'84K required for 
MCGA & VGA (16 
colors only; supports 
mouse, joystick, key- 
boar; dlatest version 
supports Ad-Lib & Co- 
voc sound) 
Planned conver- 
sions: Amiga (Jan- 

pears in the status box to let you know 
you're passing certain locations, such as 
bars, restaurants, government buildings, 
U-bahn stations and so on. 

The right side of the screen features 
bar graphs representing the five character 
traits mentioned above, and shows your 
current level, your total experience 
points, and the time and day of the mis- 
sion. In addition to tapping the up and 
down arrows, you can 
click on a compass to 
turn and move your 
agent Four encounter 
options — Chat, Run, 
Fight and Threaten — 
are listed as well, but 
like the compass head- 
ings and arrows, these 
light up only when 
they can actually be 

There are three pull- 
down menus at the top of this section la- 
beled Action, Inventory and Places. The 
Action menu is essentially a list of useful 
verbs like use, search, listen, sneak, arm, 
buy, bribe, drop, stake out, hail cab, and 
so forth, along with the save, restore and 
quit options. The Inventory menu lists 
everything you carry around and pops up 
automatically when you select actions 
such as use, drop and arm. 

The Places menu is just what it sounds 
like: a listing of places with which 
you're already familiar. When you hail a 
cab and the driver asks you where you 
want to go, this menu drops down to let 
you make your choice. At the outset your 
choices are limited to your apartment, 
mission support, the nearest U-bahn sta- 
tion and the always-useful 'follow that 
cab,' but as you explore Berlin and dis- 
cover important locations, the list of 
places you can get to by cab grows. 

Let's Roll 

The first place you should take a cab 
to when you leave your apartment is 
Mission Support. Here you can pick up 
another 1,000 deutschemarks (to cover 
any miscellaneous expenses you might 
incur, i.e., cab fare, bribe money, lunch) 
and several neat high-tech toys (like the 
photo-FAX mentioned above) that can 
help you complete your mission. Some 
other available gadgets include lock- 
picks, a bomb sniffer, amyl nitrate (a poi- 
son antidote), surveillance bugs and a 
FERAT. This is probably the most im- 
portant device of all, because it can de- 
tect the presence of a special hormonium 
compound used to coat the NATO de- 
fense plans. When you are within ten 
meters of the plans, the FERAT starts 

->'.:, U,l.-, 




Checkpoint Charlie 

One thing you'll quickly discover as 
you sneak around Berlin is that it's not 
the friendliest city in the world. In fact, if 
you go out after dark, you'll encounter 
enough thugs, muggers, drunks and pan- 
handlers to make you think you are back 
in New York City. Most of these pests 
can be easily dissuaded, either by simply 
threatening them, or by arming any of 
several available handguns and blasting 
the scum. It is very 
important to 'unarm' 
yourself before con- 
tinuing on your trav- 
els, however. Many 
more times than I'd 
like to admit, I've 
been attacked and 
killed by after wast- 
ing some thug. 

Constant surveil- 
lance by the German 
police is just one 
problem you'll have to overcome to suc- 
cessfully complete your mission. Another 
problem is that time passes quickly and 
you can't waste much time sightseeing if 
you want to get to the plans before the 
Russians. Do take a few minutes to check 
out the Berlin wall, however. Considering 
what's been happening over there just 
since this game was released, it may be 
your last chance to see it. 
Conclusions: The Third Courier is an 
enjoyable role-playing game with a slick 
player interface and a clever espionage 
plot that will quickly draw most players 
into the story. However, the game could 
have been improved in a number of ways. 
First, there's virtually no sound. Even a 
few beeps and buzzes would have livened 
things a bit. [A new version supports Ad- 
Lib and Covoc; this package is according- 
ly labeled, and the first version can be 
swapped by calling the Accolade techni- 
cal support line.] And though the pictures 
are nice, there's very little animation. As 
the German police rip your flesh apart 
with their automatic weapons, all that 
changes is their facial expression. A little 
more action was in order here. 

Finally, even though one of the en- 
counter options is a Chat command, you 
can't really interact with NPCs through 
dialogue as you can in many other RPGs. 
I would have like to have been able to in- 
terrogate people at greater length. Despite 
these problems, ThirdCourier is a good 
game. If Accolade makes just a few im- 
provements, their next RPG could be a 
great one. 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Protection: Key word 
Price: GS, $44.95; IBM, $49.95 
Company: Accolade 

QuestBusters 15 


Leisure Suit Larry III 
After getting credit card from nbjmcpy, 
go to beach and talk to Tawni. Give cred- 
it card to her. She gives you ginsu knife. 
Sharpen blades on tufqt in front of 
dbtjop. Dbswf wood. Go to area in 
front of Chip 'n' Dales. Cut hrbtt with 
knife. Weave hrbtt into hrbtt tljsu. Go 
to outhouse and change into it. Return to 
Tawni. Sell Tawni the wood sculpture 
(you get $20). 
Chris Leichliter 

Indiana Jones and the Last Cru- 
sade: The Graphic Adventure 
To reach Istendren from Berlin and avoid 
trouble with guards at checkpoints, take 
qbjoujoh from Henry's house, give it to 
the guard on bottom left on second floor 
of castle, get the qbtt from the gjmf 
dbcjofu, go to Berlin and give it to Hit- 
ler for his signature. Just show it to the 
guard and he'll let you pass. To skip Ber- 
lin completely, take the piece of tujdlfz 
ubqf from the back of the cppldbtf at 
Henry's house. Put it in the kbs of 
dmfbojoh tpmvujpo in Indy's office. 
Take the key back to Henry's house and 
use it to open the chest under the 
qmbou. Take the fake diary and give it 
to the guard when he asks for it (after you 
get captured in the castle). He'll take it, 
and you can go directly to the airport. 
Lawrence Chin 

Dragon Wars 

To earn lots of gold quickly, get the 
Dragon Teeth. Characters should be 
around level nine before sailing to Tvol- 
fo Jtmboe, reached by fighting pirates 
in NE Rvbh and sailing there with their 
ship. Then it's on the Dragon Valley, 
where the Teeth are found near the mid- 
dle and a little to the west. Each character 
should take as many Teeth as possible 
and sell them in a shop for 3,000 gold 
each. You can return for more. 
Robert Breezley 

To graduate from Magic College: cast 
Cjh Dijmm, Gjsf Tupsn, Dmpbl 
Bsdbof, fight Philistine without using 
magic. Disarm trap. Pick Soul Bowl from 
Wizard. To find entrance to College, you 
need Lanac 'toors Spectacles. They're in 
Lanac's Lab (cast Tpgufo Tupof). 
Brad Kinman 

Character development tips: two 

Fighters and Two Spellcasters make a 
good party. Give them just one point for 
each Skill, but give Magic Users high 

Magic or Druid Magic. You'll find a 
power Sun Magic Spellcaster in one of 
the towns and can recruit him. Use expe- 
rience points on Strength and Health for 
Fighters, Magic Areas for Spellcasters. In 
the beginning, enter Gladiator Pit in north 
center of Purgatory. They'll equip you 
with armor and weapons, which you can 
keep even if you lose. After losing, sell 
them at the shop, then go back for more. 
To regenerate Magic Points: in an- 
cient ruins near Purgatory, take stairway 
in NE corner into Tars ruins. Go east, 
then south till you see message "Wall 
sounds hollow here." Enter and get Drag- 
onstones to regenerate MP; you can re- 
turn for more throughout the game. 
Peter Matta 

To get Soul Bowl, Sing Ring and 
Laugh Staff: After assembling Lan- 
toc's Statue in Mud Toad, push statue 
(using Strength attribute) and enter Dun- 
geon. Use Tpgufo Tupof spell to find 
Specticles. Equip Specticles on anyone 
and go to the Isle of Rustic (you'll need 
the Pirate Ship). At the Magic College, 
use Speciticles to make wall into a door 
(when you see the message). You'll face 
several tests, and the answers are: 1st 
Room: cast Dijmm Tqfmm to freeze 
fire; 2nd Room: cast Gjsf; 3rd 
Room: cast Dmpbl Bsdbof; 4th 
Room: use no magic; 5th Room: cast 
Tpgufo tupof; 6th Room: ignore him, 
go directly to next room. The Wizard will 
offer one of three items; repeat the con- 
test twice to get all three. 
Peter Matta 

Ways to exit Purgatory: be sold into slav- 
ery, dive through crack in outer wall, be 
thrown out with corpses, exit through Un- 
derworld or through secret door in NW 
tower. To get the Dragon Gem from the 
dragon in Lansk, use the ankh sold in 
Yellow Mudtoad. Eyes for the statue in 
Dwarven Ruins are required after killing 
the pirates. Also, you get a hook after 
slaying them. Use it to free the party 
when it gets snared in traps in the Game 
Preserve. The pieces for Lanctoor's Stat- 
ue are in the Ubs qjut, Ofdspqpmjt, 
Toblfqju and Gsffqpsu. In Necropolis 
you'll find Nergel. Slay his minions and 
feed him nvtisppnt (found in Nztujd 
xppet). He'll give you a silver key. In 
the Nztujd xppet you'll find a Beast- 
horn by Enkidu's Statue. Only a character 
with at least 26 STR can successfully use 
it The result gives the character Druid 
magic abilities. For five free Skill points, 

enter Irkalla's Temple in the Underworld. 
Take the exit across from your entry point 
and try walking into the cliff all around 
there. You'll be rewarded when you hit 
the right spot. You need Mbodupps't 
tqgdubdmft to enter the Magic College; 
they're in his mbc. Use the Soften Stone 
Brad Kinman 

To get Golden Boots from Temple 
Keepers in Yellow Mud Toad City, tfbm 
the mfbl in the city by casting a Dsfbuf 
Xbmm around it The Boots let you jump 
over water and small chasms. In the Mag- 
ic Woods, use them to reach a small is- 
land with a shrine on it. Open the shrine 
by using the qfh mfh from the Pirate's 
Battle. Opening the shrine yields an En- 
kindu Totem. Also reached with the 
Boots is the Island of Woe in the Under- 
world of Irkalla's Temple. Here Irkalla is 
chained in place. Free her with the 
Tjmwfs lfz from Ofshfm in 
Ofdspqpmjt. She'll send you to retrieve 
Roba's skull in the Sunken Ruins. Take 
the skull to the Dwarven Forge, then re- 
turn to the Island of Woe, where you'll be 
rewarded with the Freedom Sword. 
Brad Kinman 

These clues use the city gates of Purgato- 
ry as a reference point Information and a 
recruit are obtained in the bar at 20N, 2E. 
Healing is available three spaces east, and 
a power regeneration square is at 5S, 0E. 
Equipment may be purchased at 23N, 
1 1W, and Low Magic scrolls are at 15N, 
20W. Defeat Humbaba in the northeast 
tower and you'll get 1,000 gold when you 
enter square at ON, 16W. Kick west in the 
northwest tower to enter city walls, go as 
far south as possible and kick west to exit 
city. The slave camp is southwest of the 
city. Use Bureaucracy skill to enter, use 
your skill and knowledge of magic to en- 
ter Wizard's Hut (casting a spell isn't 
good enough) and you'll get some good 
equipment. Scrolls and another recruit are 
available in the various huts, and the fire 
north of the Wizard's Hut heals wounds. 
Fred P. Andoli 

Hero's Quest 

For a good Fighter, add 20 to Strength, 10 
each to Agility, Vitality, Weapons Use. 
Buy 50 apples. Outside Healer's Hut, get 
rocks. Throw rocks at nest until nest falls. 
Each day clean stables and practice with 
weapons master. Sleep in meadow at 
night. Stay out of the alley then. 
F. J. Phillip 

QuestBusters 16 

Sword of Aragon 
The Amulet of Aladda is three squares 
north of Absojy in a plain square. Send 
your character for it, since any other unit 
will be lost Use Infantry and Bowmen, a 
few Knights, some Priests and Mages. 
Massimo Galluzzi 

Manhunter San Francisco 
Hot air balloon: gas on, light gas with 
matches. Go to second building from 
right. Land. Move tmbwft. Eliminate 
spcput. Move tmbwft to Access to 
Hell. Freedom: type in symbols found 
inQsjwbuf dm vc. Maze: work your 
way to NE corner of NE section. (Route 
is indirect.) Save often. 
F. J. Phillip 

Keef the Thief 

To use spells: get Circle of Unity 
(Same Mercon's Reagent Shop), Pyramid 
of Power (in Hermet's Hut), or Cube of 
Force (Same Mercon's Treasury). Rea- 
gents: Dragon's Drool (Fire), Peppermint 
(Heal), Scorpion Tail (Hatred), Skunk 
Juice (Protection), Owl Eye (Sight), Rhi- 
no Horn (Opening), Glow Grass (Light), 
Wart Weed (Power), Kiki Root (Magni- 
fy), Black Pearl (Focus), Narcissus Root 
(Self), Phoenix Eggs (Infinity). Spells not 
found on scrolls: Makus Foodus (Pyra- 
mid: Heal, Self, Power); Bigus Litus 
(Cube: Sight, Light, Power); Goodas Ne- 
wus (Cube: Heal, Self, Infinity). Some 
ways to disarm traps: Hall of Strength's 
Leaking Brick — slip knife under brick; 
Ceiling — use rope to secure brick; Torch- 
es — pull forward. Mem Santi Treasury, 
Part 1: Floor — use knife to jam spikes; 
Ceiling — put in lots of oil. Mem Santi 
Treasury, Part 2: Sceptre — crush top; 
Gem — remove from stand; Right 
Bench — squirt oil in hole. 
Duey Hua 

To open East or West Double Doors, you 
need the Key of Koran. Throw Telloc's 
Skull into the abyss of Tel Empor. Give 
Dsztubm tibse (in Same Mercon's 
Treasury) to Keeper of Mem Santi and 
get Achilles Robe after fighting guards 
behind tapestry. Give sjoh to Mermaid 
and return to cave in the Waterfall to get 
Arm of Love. The Orb held by the Wiz- 
ard King in the top of the upxfs of Uf m 
iboe is the Artifact Orb of Power. Cast 
Ibwjvt wbdvnvt in library behind dou- 
ble doors and in library on third floor of 
Tel Hande to get Scroll of Infinity 
Duey Hua 

Demon's Winter 

If you "Windwalk" out of Malifon's 

Temple, there's no way back in. If you 

don't have the Faceted Mirror, do not 
save — turn the computer off! (The An- 
cient may cast a Windwalk if you call on 
him in camp.) Dwarves work on cursed 
items for free. Offer loot to a full charac- 
ter four-five times to be sure you detect 
all magic items. Bad Bugs: in the Un- 
derground, the ship's icon reappears in 
the ship's original position, and the pro- 
gram locks up if you attempt to board this 
mirage; once winter has been invoked, 
any encounter on the plains of the origi- 
nal continent will lock up the program; 
don't "Possess" the last opponent in a 
batde, or the program will never know 
it's over, so you'll have to run and will 
get no credit; don't conjure anything if 
there are already twelve participants in a 
battle, or the program locks up. 
Wes Irby 


Don't kill the fairy, who'll follow you 
back to the well and serve as a light in the 
caves. There are two Life Potions and a 
goblet in the caves, but you must find the 
key (in the caves) to get the goblet and 
get out. In order to face the dragon's fire, 
kill the oldest dwarf and get the ring he 
drops. Use the teleport in the first castle 
to get one Shrink Me potion and one See 
in the Dark potion (there's also a Life Po- 
tion here). When you use the teleports in 
the second castle, enter the dark cave, use 
the See in Dark potion and go to the hole 
in the wall. Use Shrink Me and enter the 
hole. To use the Star against the Evil 
Wizard, just swing your sword straight- 
arm at him or kneeling (it may take a few 
Paul Shaffer 

Might & Magic II 
To enter Dead Zone, cast ObuvsP t 
hbuf on day ojofuz-uisff. You'll get 
Star Burst spell. Get Eagle Eye spell after 
completing quest in Middlegate at (ufo, 
uxp). Get Wizard Eye spell from the 
Cmjoe cfhhbs in Sandsobar. Get En- 
chant Item spell in Gem-maker Volcano 
at (uisff, uisff), using teleport to get 
there. Get Walk on Water for 50 GP pof 
opsui and uisff fbtu of Middlegate. 
Get Earth Encasement at (gp vsuffo, 
pof); Air Encasement at (pof, gpvsuf- 
f o); Water Encasement at (pof, pof); 
Fire Encasement at (gp vsuffo, gp vsuf- 
fo). Get Lloyd's Beacon at (tf wfo, 
fmfwfo) in Corak's Castle (D-UXP). J- 
26 Fluxes in Pinehurst at (tfwfo, tjy). 
M-27 Radicon in Woodhaven at (uxp, 
fmfwfo). N-19 Capitor in Hillstone 
(uisff, uijsuffo). A-l Todillar in Luxas 
Palace at (afsp, tjy). Tavern drinks give 
a bonus. In Tundara, lock for secret pas- 
sageways. In secret passageway, press 

button once, then fight the Snowbeast at 
(gjguffo, fjhiu). After batde go one 
north to get Emeral Ring (AC +15). Re- 
peat this for rest of party. Spaz Twit in 
7th Century A-l (fmfwfo, uisff). Harri 
Kari and No Name in cave under Vulca- 
nia (pof, gpvsuffo). Hirelings in Tunda- 
ra at (gjguffo, ufo). Red Duke and 
Dead Eye in Ambush Valley at (gpvsuf- 
fo, pof). Fire Disk in Castle Xabran at 
(tjy, gpvsuffo); Air Disk at (gjguffo, 
gjguffo). Guardian Pegasus is called 
NFFOV. Have your Knights and Rob- 
bers fight Dead Knight at B-3 (gjwf, 
gpvsuffo), then see Jurors at D-2 
(tfwfo, afsp) for 5 million experience 
points. Have Archer and Thief fight Bar- 
on Wilfrey at B-2 (fmfwfo, uxp). Have 
Sorcerers free the good and evil wizards 
on Isle of the Ancients. Sword of Nobili- 
ty at D-l (afsp, fjhiu). Sword of Valor 
at A-2 (fmfwfo, uxp.) 
Mark Kassouf 

Ultima V 

The Jewelled Arms and Sword of Chaos 
are useless. Don't worry about Black- 
thorn; let Lord British deal with him. The 
Glass Sword will instantly destroy any- 
thing except Blackthorn. Dungeon of 
Doom: In room with dragons and water- 
falls, in which it seems impossible to get 
across the water, follow this method. 
First kill off the dragons and sea serpents, 
then push or shoot the wall till the bridg- 
es appear (which unfortunately opens a 
section of the wall and releases mong- 
bats; run or fight). After exiting the room, 
go down the corridor till you reach the 
portal up. It may be wise to heal here. Go 
up, and after the battle, push the wall till 
all three passageways are open. You'll 
eventually find a room with a barrier and 
see Daemons on the other side. You need 
just one person to get through, because 
Lord British will heal everyone. 
Will Chester 

To decode clues, count 
two letters back. 

Keys, Keys, Keys 

For each set of your clues to a differ- 
ent game that we publish here, you 
can get either $5 for three issues add- 
ed to your sub (two for Canada and 
1st Class, one for overseas). Strive for 
clues and tips on recently released 
games. Put your name and address 
on the sheet of paper with the clues, 
state whether you want the issues or 
$5, and don't code the clues. All en- 
tries become property of QB. 

Adventure Hotline 

Continued from page twelve 

QB recently, don't send us the coupon 
from the book. Your free issues (two for 
Canada and First Class, one for overseas 
subs) were automatically added to your 
sub when you placed the order. 

Online Nintendos? 
Yes, unsatisfied with chewing the legs off 
the computer game market, Nintendo is 
now going after CompuServe and GEnie. 
Nintendo is currently negotiating with 
AT & T to set up a similar network that 
could be accessed via the videogame ma- 
chines, hoping to have it up this fall. 
(Latest statistics: 15% of US homes have 
computers, 20% have Nintendos.) 

Over There! 

Overseas subscribers planning to renew 
or order books, etc., should be sure your 
check is payable through a US bank. If 
it's not, die banks here require a $50 min- 
imum before they can send it off for col- 
lection. You can also send a postal 
money order payable in US funds. Sorry, 
but we're no longer accepting credit card 

The Key Club 

If you need help on an older game and 
can't stand waiting for Duffy, request a 
copy of the Key Club list It gives names 
and addresses of QBers who will answer 
questions of specific games. Write to 
Brian Smith, 3035 Montego, Piano TX 
75023 and send a self-addressed, stamped 
envelope. If you want to add your name 
to the Key Club — and can help with 
games released in the past year — Brian, 
the Official Keeper of the Keys — will be 
glad to add your name to the list. 

Six Free Issues of QB! 
Do you know anyone else on the en- 
tire planet who plays adventures? 
Get them to subscribe 
to QB — and mention 
your name when they 
do — and we'll add six free 
issues to your sub (four if it's First 
Class or Canadian, two for overseas.) 
You can even give someone a gift sub- 
scription and get the free issues (but 
you can't give a gift sub to yourself or 
a household member). And thanks to eve- 
ryone who has already done so. 

But Who's Counting? 
This is our first 20-page issue, as prom- 
ised in November. We'll do this when 
there's enough material to fill a full 20 
pages. It costs more to send the 1st Class 
subs, but for now sub rates won't change. 

Knights of Legend 

Continued from page four 

without weapons can get in on the action 
when you select kick, bash, head butt, or 

Finally, you can pick a defensive ma- 
neuver for each character. These include 
panic, back up, duck, jump and dodge. 
The program remembers the tactics you 
select, so during subsequent rounds you 
can repeat specific characters' actions in 
the previous round by just accepting the 
current settings. 

Magic — Elven Style 

Knights of Legend also features a very 
versatile and powerful magic system, 
though not necessarily one of the easiest 
to learn. While most other role-playing 
games use self-explanatory spell names 
like Fire Ball, Heal, Sum- 
mon, etc., Knights of Leg- 
end spells have names like 
Tyanawonta, Arnalyrta and 
Kumtweyyrfe. The idea is 
that the language of spells in 
Ashtalarea is Elven. 

Thus, every spell consists of five or six 
parts that describe the race it is to be used 
against, the particular character trait it 
will affect, the severity of the spell, the 
range of the spell and the spell's duration. 
If the spell is to be cast against a race of 
creature other than Human, Kelden, Elf 
or Dwarf, the particular race must also be 

The beauty of this system is that it al- 
lows you to create an almost infinite va- 
riety of spells by mixing and matching 
various syllables. The big drawback, 
however, is that you must either keep the 
manual open to the appropriate reference 
section, or actually learn to speak Elven. 
(After all, how many of us really remem- 
ber much from the Elven 101 course we 
took back in high school?) 

No Pooling! 

One problem that experienced gamers 
will discover quickly is that there is no 
option that allows your characters to 
transfer or pool their gold. Therefore, 
even if, collectively, your group had 
enough gold crowns to buy a new suit of 
Platemail for the strongest Fighter, you'd 
still have to wait until at least one of the 
characters had sufficient funds on his 
own. But it doesn't matter who buys an 
item, since weapons and armor, once paid 
for, can be transferred from character to 

The interface problems I had with the 
game are probably limited to the C64 ver- 

sion. Besides the hour-long set-up I men- 
tioned at the outset, other problems in- 
cluded the tendency for keys to repeat 
when entering text, lots of disk swaps 
when going from town to wilderness or 
back, and a frustrating control system. 
Let me explain. 

Clustered & Flustered 

There are two clusters of 
keys needed to control your 
characters: I, J, K and L for 
vertical and horizontal 
movement, and A, S, Z and 
X for diagonal movement, and RETURN 
to confirm actions. (I seem to remember a 
few years back someone inventing some 
type of stick-like device that could do all 
that pretty easily. Oh, well. Maybe it was 
just a dream!) To move the highlight left 
and right along the icons, however, you 
must use the < (less than) and > (greater 
than) symbols. 

However, when entering text, you 
must use the up/down cursor key to move 
the cursor left, and the right/left cursor 
key to move the cursor right. Given the 
keys' positions, this sort of makes sense, 
but it won't come naturally to anyone 
who uses a 64 often. Finally, when you 
make a mistake (or print five S's when 
you meant to print one), don't reach for 
the INS/DEL key as you normally 
would — it's dead. 

Conclusions: Despite the interface 
problems with the C64 version [which we 
assume are non-existent on the Apple if 
you use a mouse], Knights 
of Legend is a terrific game 
that has a lot going for it. 
The graphics are up to ORI- 
GIN'S usual high standards, 
the assorted mini-quests are 
interesting and challenging, the wide va- 
riety of armor and weapons, the magic 
system is versatile, and the ability to 
create custom character icons allows you 
to develop truly unique heroes. Also, the 
non-player characters whom you meet in 
the cities of Ashtalarea seem more real 
than the cardboard cutout NPCs encoun- 
tered in some role-playing games. In fact, 
they even recognize the sex of the charac- 
ters they talk to and address them accord- 
ingly. These factors, along with the 
game's modular design, definitely make 
Knights of Legend a contender for Best 
Quest of 1989. 

Skill Level: Advanced 
Protection: Program Disk 
Price: $49.95 
Company: ORIGIN 

QuesrBusters 18 


Trade or sell your old adventures with a 

free ad. (Adventures only, no pirated 

software, limit of 10 games per ad. 

Please state system. 

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Duel, Ultima 4, Ultima 5, M & M, Zork 
Trilogy, Wasteland, Bard 3. Robert 
Breezley, 4922 Coco Palm Dr, Fremont 
CA 94538 

Sell/trade: Deadline, Demon's Forge, Last 
Ninja, Leather Goddesses, Bard 1, Roadware 
Europa. Harold Heck, 2789 N Sheldon Rd, 
Strykersville NY 14145 

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Border Zone, Lurking Horror, more. Send 
SASE for list. C. Klabunde, 947 Glenside, S 
Euclid OH 44121 

Passionate Patti 

Continued from page seven 

nicating with the inhabitants, all of whom 
seem to have very narrow interests — as a 
result, you might become frustrated when 
the game repeatedly tells you a person 
"has no curiosity" about what you just 
said. A good bet seems to be to "ask (per- 
son) for a date," which usually prompts a 

The only person I had any real trouble 
with was the showgirl, Cherri Tart. I fi- 
nally had to call the Sierra BBS for a hint 
to find what she wanted. Even armed 
with the new knowledge, I couldn't trig- 
ger her to reveal a reasonable hint I 
looked for a small classified ad in "Non- 
toonyt Tonight" that would lead me in 
the correct direction, but alas, it was not 
to be found. 

Amiga: Dungeon Master, King's Quest 4, 
Larry 3. (See above ad for address.) 

Amiga: Swords of Twilight, $25. Times of 
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ver, 14L Jean Marie GDNS, Nanuet NY 

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Jeremy Sexton, 10729 Old Pond Dr, Cincinna- 
ti OH 45249 

Sell: M & M 1 w/2 clue books, $55. Bard 1 w/ 
2 clue books, $45. Mark Kassouf, 12767 Roy- 
al Ave, Grand Terrace CA 92324 


Bard 1 w/clue book, $22. Steven Avent, 
13531 Clairmont Way #54, Oregon City OR 

Eye-grabbing Graphics 

Conversing with the tourists provides 
the player with some of the best graphics 
in an already stunning game. Most of the 
graphics and animation is of the usual 3- 
D adventure type and are comparable to 
the recent quests developed under the 
new SCI interpreter. 

But when talking to various people, 
you are rewarded with a full-face view. 
Blinking eyelids, pursed lips and flaring 
nostrils are some of the excellent effects 
you'll witness. Of course, all this is done 
in 16-color EGA or TGA graphics that 
can be translated down to CGA or Her- 
cules. VGA supports sixteen colors via 
EGA emulation. 

Ana One Ana Two 

Music has also been advanced another 
step forward. Larry HI is so chockful of 
sound that there are very few places 
where silence reigns, even when using 
the PC internal speaker. The many theme 
songs are pleasant (except in the previ- 
ously mentioned mode) and varied 
enough to avoid becoming a nuisance. 
And you can turn off the sound entirely. 

Nearly every third-party sound en- 
hancement board is supported by Sierra, 
but Roland MT-32 owners can usually 
expect a litde more than high quality mu- 
sic. A couple of screens in this game have 
high quality sound effects, most notably, 
the swooshing wind/surf of the beach. 

Larry HI has none of the usual style 
copy protection, but there is a keyword 
variation. Instead of having to look up a 
word from the manual when you run the 
game, you can start playing it and actual- 
ly get quite far. Still, there are a couple of 
places where information from the manu- 
al is required. 

The "Nontoonyt Tonight" booklet con- 
tains several free show passes with vari- 
ous serial numbers. The maitre d' will 
ask for one when you go to see Cherri 
Tart It also holds a significant hint about 
how to get through the bamboo maze. 
While it's possible to get through it by 
trial and error, I doubt that many will 
have the patience. Several other hints are 
provided as part of the island trivia in- 
cluded in the book. 

Conclusions: Patti effectively main- 
tains the racy, romping spirit of the first 
two Larry games. Graphics and sound are 
great, and the humor is non-stop. If you 
are a fan of Lounge Lizards or Looking 
For Love, you can't go wrong with this 
one, which should definitely be rated 
somewhere between PG and R. 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Protection: Key word 
Price: $59.95 
Company: Sierra 

QuestBusters 19 

Waiting for Duffy 

Duffy's still recovering from New 
Year's Eve, so contact these people if 
you can help. 

Dungeon Master: how to open last door 
on level 3? Kill Rock Monsters quickly? 
Allan Anderson, 623-B Amaopio Rd, 
Kula HI 96790 

M & M 2: rescued lots of Hirelings but 
none show up at Inns. Time travel — 
how? Where's Shamash. Need other help 
too. Starflight: How to destroy Crystal 
Planet? (Need coordinates of where to 
drop egg.) Mark Kassouf, 12767 Royal 
Ave, Grand Terrace, CA 92324 

Demon's Winter: need general maps. 
How do I stop dying each time I get the 
Orb? Harold Heck, 2789 N Sheldon Rd, 
Strykersville NY 14145 

Beyond Zork, Bureaucracy, King's Quest 
4: Need hints, tips, maps. S. Stiles, Rte 1 
Box 510, Millstone, WV 25261. 

Spellbreaker: How do you get through 
the vault door? Get cube off the outcrop- 
ping? M. Spivey, Rte 1 Box 1130, Rua- 
ton, LA 71270. 

Legacy of the Ancients: Where's Sap- 
phire Key in Pirate's Lair? Am at Level 8 
but can't find Key or doors down. Where 

do I get Magic Ice? Can't find Guardian 
Scroll or Pegasus exhibits in Museum. 
And where is Dimon Coin? J. Pullen, 
1 1015 Fenway St., Sun Valley, CA 

Wizardry IV: What's the Guard's Pass- 
word. D. Berol, 8521 Ave. Onda, La Jol- 
la,CA 92037. 

Bard's Tale 3: Need help with Geldia. 
Might & Magic: Where is code key? 
What is Thundranium for? Dan Heffron, 
2 Lavelle Lane, Framingham, MA 01701 

Alternate Reality, The Dungeon: What 
time is midnight? I tried 12:00 and 12:30. 
Mark Lain, 4518 Pine St., Hammond, IN 

Guild of Thieves: How do I get lute? 
Don't have enough money to buy. Might 
& Magic: Need maps, help, supermen. 
Michael Parkin, 5 Old Lantern Rd., Dan- 
bury, CT 06810 

Phantasie 3: Needs maps bad, also clues. 
Guild of Thieves: How do I enter vil- 
lage, windmill, wine cellar? Also need 
maps. Tom Bray, Box 838, Houston, BC, 
Canada VOJ 1Z0 

Dungeon Master: How do you get key 
from room on the right after Riddle 
Room on Level 6? What good are the 
Rabbit's Foot and Pendant Feral? D. Bel- 

den, 536 Southern Hills Ct., Melbourne, 
FL 32940 

Dungeon Master: After Test of Strength 
on 6th level, where is key to locked 
door? Around 13th level, where is key to 
fit hole next to Ir symbol? What do you 
do where it says "When a rock is not a 
rock"? Tom Page, 96 Haddon PI, Upper 
Montclair, NJ 07043 

Passport to 

Quest for Clues I: $24.99 

Quest for Clues II: $24.99 

Official Book of King's Quest: $10.95 

QB Map Kit (includes US/APO shipping, 

Canadians send $3 US for shipping; no 

overseas sales) 

Kit A: (for text/graphic games) $8 

KitB: (for role-playing games) $8 

(Each has 100 sheets of mapping paper.) 

US orders, enclose $3 shipping & han- 
dling for the book. $6 to Canada & APO, 
$12 overseas. Credit cards are not valid 
in this realm, and we don't bill. COD or- 
ders (US only), add $3. AZ residents add 
5% sales tax. Send checks payable to 
QuestBusters, with your street address, 
not a Post Office Box, for delivery. 


POB 5845 
Tucson, AZ 85703 

Forwarding and Return Postage Guaranteed 
Address Correction Requested 

Bulk Rate 
U.S. Postage 


Tucson AZ 

Permit No. 3056 

TOUR StlbSURirriON EXPIRES ; 92/82 

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